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Overview of all the tools you get access to as a Pro member.

Create a better overview of your business.

Business plan

Create the overview and answer the difficult questions so that you have control over your company's foundations.

Pitch deck

Create the perfect presentation of your company. Sell your business page to anyone.


Get a financial overview of your company. Establishment budget - Operating budget - Liquidity budget

Business calendar 2023

Create the most up-to-date marketing efforts - include all the important dates.

Business account overview

Get an overview of what you get from the various banks and at what price.

Wheel of the year

Get an overview of the year's important tasks. Break your strategy down into smaller projects and get it visualized.

VAT reporting

Get an easy and clear guide to reporting VAT in Dinero and e-conomic.

Driving account

Get control of your kilometers. Document the deduction easily when it has to be reported to SKAT