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This policy determines the terms & conditions for the delivery of services by Startup Central ApS to the Users of the Platform (Homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, application etc.), including public institutions and traders, who have subscribed ‘Subscriber(s). Physical and legal responsible with a subscription and personal login, access to the Platform is referred to as ‘the End user’ and/or the ‘trader’. 
The terms referred to as ‘the Terms’, are valid for all with access to the Startup Central ApS Portal.  
Startup Central ApS is a Platform (B2B) for Traders, entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions promoting trade and individuals/groups who wish to startup/setup business. This is not for consumers (B2C). 


  1. The purpose of the Platform is to help traders and entrepreneurs build/expand their trade network, develop/improve business plans, find relevant sparring, partners and other product/services to help operating their business. 


  1. The subscriber gains, in accordance with the Terms, access to and usage of the Platform and extra services provided online - Software as a service (SaaS). The extra services will be delivered after a separate, from the main Subscription, payment. The Subscriber(s) do not gain the right to the applications or a copy of it, nor do they gain the right to settle/dissolve the application only through the Platform. 
  2. The services, as described in the section ‘Description of the services’, are exclusively for Business to Business (B2B). 
  3. A valid access to the Platform can only be achieved when a) a trader/entrepreneur makes a direct subscription and is the End user or b) an institution/ organization/association is the Subscriber of an agreed number of licenses, and their students/members will be the End user, or c) an Office Community is the Subscriber of an agreed number of licenses and the members/tenants are the End users. 
  4. The subscription/license is, for the End user, personal and is therefor not allowed to be shared, given or sold to others, just as it is prohibited to use the access to disclose information that is only accessible after/behind a/the login, including contactinformation on staff, members, coaches, URLs, templates or promo codes. 


  1. The Platform gives access to, for example Startup Lounge, sparring with coaches, Q&As, help with business plans, templates, benefits through partner deals. An updated list of coaches and artners are on the homepage: www.startupcentral.dk  
  2. Sparring with coaches is part of the services provided. Startup Central ApS defines sparring as help through guidance and advice, as to be expected in terms of coach/mentors. If the need rises for specific tasks or/and assignments, it is possible to agree upon a business deal between the End user and the coach, without the consent of Startup Central ApS. The purpose of coaching is not to pursuit business deals. 
  3. By usage and activation of partner deals through Startup Central ApS, the subscriber/End user accept to be a member of Startup Central ApS for the duration of the usage of a partner deal made through Startup Central ApS. By terminating the subscription with Startup Central ApS, the benefits acquired through the subscription will cease to exist as well. Extra costs that should occur in connection with the termination of a subscription is not to be hold responsible by Startup Central ApS. 
    An updated list of partners can be found on the homepage: www.startupcentral.dk  
  4. Should changes be made, that influence your subscription/services, we will inform you by email within reasonable time, for as long as you have a valid subscription. 


  1. The End user on the Platform can freely communicate with the, on the Platform, available coaches via the Platform. 
  2. The End user will at the sign up, be registered on an email list with the purpose of informing the End user of critical information concerning the subscription and/or services connected with the subscription. 
  3. In case of discrepancy between the End user and a coach, Startup Central ApS reserves the right to intervene and settle the discrepancy by accessing correspondence and logs in the parts of the Platform, that is owned by Startup Central ApS. For further information on usage of personal data, see Data processor agreement. 


  1. Subscriber as an institution/organization/association is allowed to provide a license per active student/member, in total, equal to the agreed number of licenses. 
  2. The user profile/login is personal for the End user. Subscriber and End user are prohibited from copying, distribution, publish, rent, assign, lease, sell, sublicense or in any other way hand over access to the Platform to any third party, this includes information about the login. 


  1. Indicative price, subscriptions, subscriptionperiod and other services appear on www.startupcentral.dk and is the only permanent platform for price, subscription and subscriptionperiods. 
  2. The subscription has a notification period for termination which is the lock-in period (see section on partnerdeals for exceptions connected with the individual partner).  The withdrawal period is not the same as a lock-in period. 
  3. Payment of a subscription/service is an accept of a closed agreement between the subscriber and Startup Central ApS. 
  4. Campaign and special prices can occur on the various platforms where Startup Central ApS is active and present. These campaign/special prices will only be valid for the duration stated in the specific campaign. These prizes are only valid for non-subscribers. 
  5. The indicative prices will, at any time, appear on the price and subscription charter on www.startupcentral.dk and the prices are all exclusive VAT and in Danish currency (DKK).  
    Error on the price/subscription charter will not lead to free or reduced price on basic subscriptions. We make reservations for typing/programming errors. We cannot be held responsible for mistakes occurring in connection with maintenance and/or updates on/of the homepage. 
  6. The first payment period is activated at the date closing the agreement to the end of that period. 


  1. By paying for a subscription/service at Startup Central ApS and the associated activation, in compliance with the Contract Act on business to business, withdrawal is made void. For a definition on Business (B2B) vs. Consumer (B2C) follow this link: 
    Købeloven (retsinformation.dk) 


  1. The subscription/service takes immediate effect of the ordering. It continues until it is terminated in accordance with the terms & conditions described in this document. At Startup Central ApS subscriptions are ongoing. 
  2. In the case of termination of the subscription/service, this must be done in an email to following address: kontakt@startupcentral.dk 
  3. The subscription (ongoing) is renewed automatically at the end of a subscription period, unless it is terminated in accordance with the terms & conditions. 
  4. Startup Central ApS always has the right to terminate the subscription/service at the end of a subscription/service period. 
  5. For the Subscriber, the notice period for termination is the current month plus one month. Notice of termination must be notified to Startup Central ApS current month plus one month before the end of a subscription period. This applies to all types of subscriptions and services at Startup Central ApS. 
  6. The Subscriber and the End user are committed to uphold the Terms & Conditions and maintain a loyal behavior using the Platform. If Startup Central ApS should assess that such a behavior has been compromised, Startup Central ApS have the right to freeze or delete the user profile without any notification and without any responsibility for losses or damages for the end user. 
  7. As disloyal behavior like copying (piracy) of third parties’ rights, threatening and harassing behavior etc. This section is not exhaustive for this policy. 
  8. If it is not possible to withdraw the periodical payment from the payment card, Startup Central ApS can always freeze the account until payment has been made. Has no payment been made within the first 14 days after Startup Central ApS has notified the Subscriber, Startup Central ApS has the right to delete the user profile without further notification and without taking responsibility for any losses and damages on the side of the End user. 
  9. The End user’ access to the Platform is always conditioned by a valid subscription, that is maintained by the Subscriber. 
  10. By terminating a subscription/service, no refunds are possible between two businesses (B2B) in compliance with the current Contract Act and the current Act on Digital Services. 


  1. For the purpose of creating a user profile on the Platform, the Subscriber/End user is required to provide the following information: Name, address, email, phone number, payment card information and, if not main Subscriber, institution/organization/ association/community. 
  2. Personal data collected via the Platform is collected only so that Startup Central ApS can deliver the services. 
  3. Startup Central ApS encrypts all data. 
  4. Personal data on the End user are not disclosed for coaches, unless the information is made available by the End user themselves. 
  5. For further information: Privacy Statement 


  1. Startup Central ApS is the owner of all immaterial rights to the Platform and the content provided and used on the Platform, unless otherwise stated, example could be third parties like partners, suppliers (news medias included) and coaches. The Subscriber and the End user are not entitled to immaterial rights in connection with the subscription. 


  1. Rights to content, created and uploaded by an End user, is the property of the End user, as is the responsibility. Startup Central Aps does not bear responsibility for End user generated content but can always remove/delete the content if Startup Central ApS evaluates it to be of an offensive nature or violates the rights of others. 
  2. In order, for the Platform to work as intended, Startup Central ApS acquires the right of use to content generated or uploaded to the Platform. Startup Central ApS has no right to make usage of a business plan or other business secrets belonging to the End user. 
  3. Content generated/created for Startup Central ApS by End users, coaches, partners or other third parties, Startup Central ApS has the right of use for as long as it has a relevance on the Platform (examples are blogs, webinars but not limited to these only). 


  1. To be able to access the Platform, it requires access to an electronic device in the form of a computer with a browser, tablet/mobile phone with Android/iOS, and the device(s) must have access to the Internet. 


  1. Neither party can be held liable for any lack of services, that may be described as force majeure and thus are beyond the reasonable control of the party in question. These include interruptions or failures of energy supply or lines of communication, prolonged illness or death of key workers, earthquakes, fires, explosions, floods, severe storms, strikes, embargoes, labor disputes, actions by civil or military authorities, digital virus or malware attacks, cyberterrorism, terrorism, as well as the occurrence of force majeure which man cannot avert, acts or omissions committed by or with subcontractors affecting the provision of the service(s). This does not apply to the End User's payment obligations under the agreement they have entered into. 


  1. The Subscribers accept that it is not possible to deliver software & services that are flawless, so what is being provided for and delivered is and exist as it is (“As – Is”). In event of errors and bugs on the Platform, Startup Central ApS has the obligation to attempt correction of the errors/bugs. 
  2. Startup Central ApS can under no circumstances be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any loss, including loss of profit, loss of revenue, data, goodwill etc. in connection with use of the Platform. 
  3. The restrictions do not apply in cases where Startup Central ApS has acted with gross negligence or willful misconduct. 
  4. If Startup Central ApS is to deliver compensation, despite the disclaimer section 1 to 3, such a compensation cannot be more than 500 DKK. 


  1. Startup Central ApS has a duty of confidentiality regarding all information that comes into its possession about the Subscribers and the End Users, unless such information in advance or later becomes publicly available. Startup Central ApS is obliged to pass on the information according to the current Danish law or by order from an authority or court, or if the information is intended for disclosure on the Platform. 
  2. The Subscriber and End user accept that data, business ideas and other information that are exchanged between parties on the Platform and are not generated/created by the Subscriber and End user themselves, are confidential and are prohibited to copy or disclose to any third parties. 


  1. Support is provided for in accordance with terms & conditions for the Startup Central ApS Platform. 


  1. Startup Central ApS can always make changes to terms & conditions with notification within reasonable time being between 1 to 3 months in advance, depending on the extent and materiality of the change. Insignificant changes may occur without notice. 
  2. Significant changes can be made effective in connection with renewal of the subscription period, with a notification 1 to 3 months in advance. Significant changes can be price lift on subscriptions, limitations in services. Significant changes that are in favor of the Subscriber and End user can be made effective without notification. 
  3. In cases where the Subscriber/End user are unable to accept the significant changes, the Subscriber/End user has the right to terminate the subscription by the end of a subscription period and in connection with the end of the notification period. The Subscriber has in such cases forfeited the claim for refund of payments made in advance. 


  1. Any dispute shall be settled in accordance with Danish law. Disputes between the parties arising from the terms & conditions and/or Startup Central ApS’ services in general, which cannot be resolved amicably, must be brought before the district court located at Startup Central ApS’ domicile at any time.