Thomas Højland Gadegaard

Make the impossible possible

Thomas Højland Gadegaard started Fueli in the summer of 2020. He had never really dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, nor does he come from a family of entrepreneurs, so it was not exactly the right thing to do. But since Thomas loves challenges, he couldn't resist the challenge. He is especially motivated if there is someone who says "it can't be done", then he must show them that it can be done, he must at least make it succeed.

Creating something and producing something is Thomas' passion. "Being able to say afterwards that I developed it is just really cool."

So when Thomas, after 10 years at the same workplace, decided that something new had to happen, he resigned and started as a self-employed person. He has a whole list of wild ideas that he has come up with over time. He looked through the list and the idea that stood out most clearly to him was misfuelling. He has actually tried it on his own body and the whole experience was of great frustration.

Thomas began to research. He wanted to find out if there was already a solution on the market and if others had been exposed to the same frustration. However, he soon found out that it was a slightly embarrassing thing to talk about, so there weren't many who wanted to talk about their experience. But he found a statistic that said that there are more than 20,000 incorrect refuelings per year. So there was a market for Fueli and people needed his solution.

Thomas Højland Gadegaard | Startup Central


Fueli helps the consumer to avoid incorrect refueling and ensure that you can refuel safely. It can cost up to DKK 40,000 to think wrong and there is no insurance that covers when the damage has occurred.

Thomas has developed an electronic battery unit which is easily mounted on the car's fuel cap, it is universally designed to fit most car models. Fueli helps and reminds you with 3 different effects. Beeps, flashes and clear text ensure that no motorist is in doubt. The test period of 9 months clearly knew that the most important thing for Fueli is to break the consumer's train of thought ”We often think about something completely different and just put autopilot on when we think, therefore the mistake can quickly happen. Fueli sharpens concentration.” You can thus say that Fueli is a reminder device that brings you back to life.

You can always take your Fueli with you and easily install it in another car.

If you are a private consumer or a company that makes a car available to your employees, who would like to avoid the expensive mistake of refueling, get hold of a Fueli.

Fueli has applied for a patent for the product and has both design and trademark protection.

The future

The future holds sales, sales and more sales. And then Thomas dreams of getting Fueli abroad, especially Germany is high on the list, as well as the eastern countries which are not that far ahead with the green transition yet.

"I just need to get it out there so that it can help as many people as possible to avoid misfueling, when the market is saturated, I have to move on and develop a new product or service."

Good advice from Thomas

"You must start independently if you are motivated." Thomas started out independently as a 37-year-old, with a villa, a Volvo and a doggy, so this advice goes out especially to people his own age.

You have to be motivated, but he also recommends that you sit your family down and tell them what the consequences of starting a business will be for them.

He did that and it has only had a positive return. His family are extremely supportive as they have been involved in the decision making and agree that the summer holiday to Italy is now downgraded. "It has benefited me to be at the forefront."

Startup Central has helped Thomas with that

Thomas has been part of Startup Central for two rounds. The first time was at the very beginning, when Startup Central was created in 2018. Back then, Startup Central was completely different from what it is today and Thomas didn't get to use it and therefore opted out. But when he started Fueli in 2020, he became part of Startup Central again. This time, Startup Central had even more to offer.

Especially the access to knowledge and professionals who can lend a helping hand was a decisive factor in Thomas becoming part of Startup Central.

Before becoming a member, Thomas himself had tried to reach out to people with specific skills, but soon found out that it was only a small percentage who would spend their time helping. And it's perfectly fair, they get a lot of inquiries and are busy, so they can't help everyone.

This is where Startup Central's network and coaches really came in handy. "Startup Central's coaches have agreed to have a dialogue. It is a shortcut to competences.”

Follow Thomas' entrepreneurial journey

Fueli is a brilliant product for individuals as well as businesses. That is why we follow Thomas' journey closely.

We think it's such a brilliant idea that we can't understand why car manufacturers haven't just bought Fueli for their car brand and fitted it as standard to all their cars.

Thomas has just won the award as entrepreneur of the year in Struer municipality.

If you also want to follow Fueli's journey, check out the website, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Thomas has a query:

Fueli has entered the sales phase now and it is not something he himself is a fan of. He has already sold to several companies in "pre sale". Therefore, he is looking for a co-founder who is very good at sales.

So, if you think Fueli is a brilliant idea and don't have the guts to develop it yourself, but would like to be part of a startup journey like this, act now.

If you are ready to give it a shot with sales, reach out to Thomas.

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