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Solveig og Lea

Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars.

"With Ivital, we want to help companies monitor, prevent and deal with stress, the growing phenomenon that has now become commonplace." These are the words of the couple Solveig and Lea, who want to make a difference.

Solveig and Lea met at their studies to become psychomotor therapists. As early as the third semester, they experienced a rapidly growing personal chemistry and shared professional direction and passion.

At the end of September 2022, they took the friendship to a new level. Solveig and Lea threw themselves into life as entrepreneurs and created IVITAL ApS.

Ivital offers stress prevention workshops for companies and employees.

Neither Solveig nor Lea has experience as an entrepreneur, so they took a 12-week entrepreneurship course, where they got a taste for entrepreneurship.

The company Ivital is based on their shared passion for stress prevention based on the interaction between body and psyche. “Stress is often only treated cognitively. Here, with Ivital, we add an extra dimension - namely body awareness. Stress is also a bodily reaction, which is why it is important to understand and work with the body's signals," says Lea.

To understand their interest individually, we need to rewind time.

Lea's interest in stress prevention was especially strengthened after her own stress illness report back in 2018. Through the study, she discovered the necessary tools to come out stronger on the other side and from there prevent stress symptoms. It is, among other things, these tools she would like to pass on to others. The fact that Lea herself has experienced stress on her own body and has thus created her own experiences means that she can talk about stress with a certain authenticity, experience and insight into a life with stress.

Solveig has experienced the consequences of long-term stress in her close relationships. Through this, the curiosity about how to get ahead of stress arose, which led her on the path of the psychomotor education. "No two stress courses are ever the same and therefore it is important to learn which early symptoms of stress you experience and which tools work for you," explains Solveig.

Since they met, Solveig and Lea have only built their friendship stronger. As partners, they have a good relationship where they have learned to take one thing at a time and trust the process.

They complement each other well and have therefore chosen to lead Ivital jointly as Co-CEO's. Therefore, there is not one of them who holds the title of CEO either.

As such, it was not in the cards for Solveig or Lea to become entrepreneurs together. But based on their collaboration with one of Denmark's largest companies, around the bachelor's degree "Stress prevention in the workplace - body awareness as a tool", there was no other way to go.

Solveig og Lea | Startup Central

A milestone

Although Ivital has only been in business for three months, Solveig and Lea have nevertheless achieved several milestones in the company. They applied for a Global Goals micro-grant through the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, something they had never tried before, but they threw themselves into it.

They received the micro grant and a major milestone had been reached. They also see the good response Solveig and Lea get as a milestone. It is a huge milestone to experience large companies, investors and business partners who see value in Ivital.

The future

The future looks bright for Ivital, who has many dreams. Solveig and Lea see many opportunities for their company, with potential for internationalization in the future. In the coming time, there is also full speed where Ivital is developing a prototype of an app that will support the prevention of stress in companies.

Nobody knows exactly what the future will bring, but Solveig and Lea are in good spirits. They have thrown a snowball over the hill, which must now collect as much snow as possible so that it can grow bigger and bigger.

Some good advice

In their time as Co-founders, Solveig and Lea have experienced how important a good network is. This is therefore also their advice to other entrepreneurs. A good network can be crucial for a startup. They have thrown themselves into life as entrepreneurs and encourage others to do the same. It must be tried.

How Startup Central has helped

Solveig and Lea first heard about Startup Central during the entrepreneurship course. After they had persistently tried Startup Central's wheel of fortune, they were contacted with a good offer.

It has been a fruitful collaboration where Solveig and Lea have come into contact with Startup Central's partner; LittleGiants, helping them with the development of their prototype of the upcoming app.

Startup Central's coaches have stood as a back ground for Solveig and Lea, who are green in the entrepreneurial field.

Follow Ivital

Solveig and Lea are some really cool entrepreneurs!

We look forward to following Ivital and their journey, if you also want to follow them, you can do so on their LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. They share stress-preventing and well-being-promoting knowledge and tools as well as their entrepreneurial journey.

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