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If it was easy, everyone would have done it

The story of Anders Nielsen, Jesper Steensgaard and Rasmus Jensing starts approximately 10 years ago, way back in the 8th grade, when the 3 boys went to elementary school together. They had been sitting in Rasmus' parent's basement in a house in Egå, which was the frequent go-to because it was cozy and an X-box. But one Friday night they thought in terms of problem solutions. Back then, the boys had a problem in that they were tired of the triviality of always sitting in the basement on Friday nights and not going out to meet girls, and they were of course not old enough to go out on the town, but the interest in partying and meeting others was great. The problem was that it was difficult to find the private parties in the local area, indeed impossible, because it also had to have access for under 18s.

Rasmus, Jesper and Anders have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and they agreed at the age of 14-15 to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. With enormous courage and the naivety of youth, they set about developing the platform. Jesper had already learned to code, Anders could design and Rasmus could sell, and what else was missing? Yes, it turned out to be a lot, which is why the idea was put on the shelf...

But the vision and the problem remained intact and it resulted in the 3 primary school friends agreeing to live out the dream together in 2021, and decided to achieve the vision they had then in 8th grade.

This time they had each acquired sufficient knowledge and developed into young but mature men who could take responsibility and create a business. It quickly became an integration with the Ministry of Children and Education and a 10% market share. And it is safe to say that they have only just begun.

"If you have something you can't let go of, no matter what it is, then you have to do something about it, think about it and then go all in. Gain experience along the way, remember that things will probably work out."

Entrepreneurship is thus a huge passion for the entire team behind Happenings. And passion is exactly what drives them. "When things get difficult and you find yourself in a situation where you haven't 'driven', it all falls apart." You don't have to become an entrepreneur to achieve a rock star phenomenon or Elon Musk's wealth, no you have to become an entrepreneur because it feels right and because you have an urge to make a difference to the world for the better.

The team behind Happenings has worked hard, experienced many ups and downs, but patience and eternal spirit have paid off. They have come this far because they have done something about it and did not stop even when COVID-19 hit the country, on the contrary, the team turned it into something positive because they knew that when the country reopened, there will be a huge need for to get out and experience something and be together again. They hope that their courage will rub off on others, so that others with an urge to change their lives will also be inspired to do something about it and actually pursue their dreams.

Rasmus, Jesper, Anders | Happenings | Startup Central


Happenings concretely solves huge problems for high schools with communicative and administrative tasks that both administration, management and students have in connection with events, which they have of course renamed Happenings. In addition, they solve significant challenges with security, where they can verify the individual student via an integration with Unilogin.

They have therefore developed an app where a happening is published and communicated to the right people, both with parties, study tours and free happenings, such as class trips.

The approval from the Ministry of Children and Education has led to several positive results that also differentiate Happenings from substitute services:

  • The school and local businesses can verify the student with a digital student card
  • The school can draw attention to their events to the relevant target group
  • The young people can find events near them
  • The young people can see which shops, cafes, cinemas etc. offer discounts
  • Digital student card so that the environment does not become charged additionally
  • All this and much more the Happenings app offers.

In the future, the team behind Happenings would like to develop a shuffle function. It must work in such a way that you get suggestions for what you can do on the day in question. It will find the activities that are nearby and base it on the interests of the individual.

It must be developed, developed, developed, so that the most value is created for everyone, and then preparations are made to scale, e.g. is the company becoming ISAE 3000 GDPR certified. The dream and plan is that all schools in Denmark use Happenings. And then they strive to deliver the best customer service, because that is the most important thing you can deliver, apart from a stellar product. And they are well on their way to more schools in Denmark getting Happenings, as recently as a few weeks ago Happenings also got the first higher education on board through Unilogin's counterpart for higher education, WAYF.

Happenings create well-being

Happenings bring people together in reality. You can both get the opportunity to meet those you care about and get to know new people.

It is a platform that creates well-being because the platform shows the students what is happening to them, when, where and who else is coming. Friction to participate has been removed and there is a focus on automating tasks for the administration and the students who sit as initiators in the student-run communities. The derived effect is that more happenings can be created, because it becomes both cheaper and easier, and thus you can bring people together more in reality. Another secondary effect is that you thus help to combat the growing social problem, where loneliness is unfortunately still on the rise. A problem that is especially big among young people, far too big. "If we can free up resources in, for example, the high school's administration, they can put more focus on social well-being."

According to reports from the high schools, funds for administration are increasing, while funds for well-being activities are decreasing.

You have to do what you have a passion for, otherwise it becomes very difficult to stay motivated, especially in difficult times. Rasmus tells and continues, "Using Happenings, high schools can automate these processes and thus free up resources for well-being."

Happenings breaks the taboo around loneliness and makes it easier for lonely people to find and participate in activities near them. It is more intuitive to see what is happening and who is participating. "If we make a difference to just one person, we are grateful."

Startup Central has helped Happenings with

"Startup Central has created a unique network that actually creates value." Rasmus says that you can make something that people think is good, but that you create value is the best. And the team behind Happenings believes that Startup Central has succeeded. They say that it is a brilliant initiative for people who have an idea they would like to implement and that companies and entrepreneurs should not be afraid to ask for help, in Startup Central there are specialists who want to help. And it can be a really big help to get as a new start-up, because access to these kinds of resources can otherwise be very expensive for a newly started CVR number.

In the first 3-5 years, you wear 10 different hats, but you cannot be a domain expert in all of them. If there is no control over the economy, it is difficult to control the company. If you can't set a budget, you can find help in the Startup Lounge.

You know that GDPR is important, but if you don't know much about it, you have to talk to experts, they can be expensive, but in Startup Central it's included.

"Startup Central is class, it's a community."

"Stupid to say no to a membership, especially when you can withdraw it. There are so many things, resources, discounts, e.g. insurance and experts you can rely on. There are so many possibilities, I think it's brilliant.”

Startup Central is the voice for the small. "If there is an entrepreneur who has an opinion or is dissatisfied with something, it can be difficult to get that opinion heard. Startup Central is a megaphone for the small businesses, they speak their case and help the small ones reach the next level. For example, in relation to the banks - difficult to get a business account. You have Startup Central on your side. It is a great gift.”

These are just some of the things that the Happenings team tells about Startup Central.

Follow Rasmus, Jesper and Anders' entrepreneurial journey

We at Startup Central see huge potential in Happenings and the team behind it!

It is a commendable cause they have entered into. Loneliness is a huge problem that needs to be combated and we have no doubt that Happenings will help with that.

That is why we follow Happenings' journey intensely.

If you would also like to follow Happenings' journey, you can follow them on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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