Poul Henrik Due

The small company with the big network

Poul Henrik Due started his company detDuer in September 2021. A company that stands on three legs: teaching, consulting and facilitation. Poul Henrik mainly works with facility management and construction with a focus on creating the best possible processes and results within both the construction and operation and use of buildings. Professional areas that, perhaps to an even greater degree than other professional areas, are characterized by a very busy everyday life, where prioritizing efforts is vital to ensure a good working environment.

At the age of 66, Poul Henrik started his own business. It could just be achieved before he retired and now the company has been running for just over a year. A dream come true and came at a very good time. After 20 years in the industry, Poul Henrik has a lot of experience and has gained a large network. So the start of detDuer was also a test of his network. For the past several years, Poul Henrik has brought in tasks for his colleagues and himself. So several of his customers encouraged him to start his own business.

Poul Henrik was ready to try life as an entrepreneur and thought it would be a lot of fun to try. He had the time and the opportunity. By being independent, he got greater freedom in relation to delivering the best possible service to his customers.

As the name suggests, the service from detDuer is something that will do. And if it doesn't, Poul Henrik is not shy about withdrawing and leaving the task to others who can handle it.

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Poul Henrik is a tenacious initiator who has launched many initiatives over the years. A goal right from detDuer's beginning was to test the network. The milestone has been reached: The network works. Both in relation to working relationships and in relation to obtaining customer tasks.

Poul Henrik can fulfill a number of needs of his customers, e.g. together with his business partners, and has been able to put together his clientele himself.

Poul Henrik also sees the mutual respect between him, his customers and business partners as a major milestone.

As the company becomes more widespread, Poul Henrik increases the clientele. One of the newest customers is the Danish fashion clothing company Bestseller. It is another milestone for Poul Henrik and detDuer.

The future

Poul Henrik strongly expects that he will at least keep the company going until he turns 70, i.e. in 4 years. However, if health permits it and his business is still relevant, he is ready to continue even longer.

Poul Henrik never had the idea that detDuer would become a larger company. Instead, the goal is a company that is part of him, with a fixed clientele with good relationships with customers and business partners.

Good advice for entrepreneurs

If you are thinking of starting your own business, Poul Henrik has some good advice for you.

First of all, you must set a goal for what you want to achieve. You must have a reason to start your business.

Your business must stand out from the crowd and be unique in some way. So you reach the furthest.

Becoming independent is a big step to take, so it is important that you also have support from the home front. Your family and your better half must support you in your entrepreneurial project.

As a entrepreneur, you may have countless worries about how things will go and that is probably very natural. But if you ask Poul Henrik, it is important that you are patient and can learn to enjoy the periods when you are not in a hurry.

Next, you must have a good name, never underestimate the importance of a good name. A name that will be remembered.

A final piece of advice from Poul Henrik is about colleagues and communities. As a solo entrepreneur, a day at the office can quickly become very lonely if you're just being yourself. Poul Henrik is also the only man in detDuer on a day-to-day basis, but has been given office space at one of his clients. In this way, even though he is solo entrepreneur, he gets an everyday life with "colleagues".

Startup Central

Poul Henrik became aware of Startup Central from his acquaintance Karsten Koed, who is chairman of the board of Startup Central. Karsten Koed has a large stake in finding Poul Henrik's company name detDuer, because Karsten is strong in that area as a long-time marketer.

Poul Henrik was particularly captivated by the many coaches connected to Startup Central. And sees it as something that will be able to help him in the future. Poul Henrik expects to benefit greatly from Startup Central's coaches in the future.

Follow Poul Henrik's entrepreneurial journey

We at Startup Central are big fans of Poul Henrik, his story and his courage.

We look forward to following him and detDuer on their further journey. You can visit detDuer on their website. And you are also very welcome to contact Poul Henrik for an informal discussion of opportunities and challenges with life as an entrepreneur. Or establishing a collaboration.

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