Pernille Lydia Sørensen

Stop buying things you rarely use

In the summer of 2021, Pernille Lydia Sørensen gave her former employer her notice, and in the following months, the company Monto was born.

An idea that she had been brewing for a good handful of years had now turned into a business.

Pernille Lydia Sørensen  | Startup Central

Monto originates from its own need

That Pernille would become an entrepreneur has never really been in the cards. But when she got the idea for Monto, she threw herself into it. The idea was born from concrete everyday needs and put into a sharing economy solution. There are sharing platforms for cars, boats, homes, etc., but not to the same extent for smaller items. If she e.g. had to use a tool that she herself did not have or no one in her circle of friends had, she had to go out and buy a new one. A new product that would probably only be used once. Why buy something to throw it out? It's a waste of resources, especially when there might be someone down the street who has just what you need. Why do we all have to go out to buy if we can borrow or rent from each other?

That was exactly what started Pernille's idea of ​​Monto.

Monto is a digital platform that enables you to rent things in the local area; from private individuals, companies or local associations.

You can also rent out your unused items and thereby earn money from things you own, which also applies to companies. Many can agree apon having been missing an item for a short period of time, such as: sewing machine, canoe, roof box, high chair, Soundbox, backpacker rucksack, drill, cargo bike, GoPro, draft beer system, painting equipment, marquee, etc.

Monto is a Rental platform that facilitates contact between tenant and landlord.

Right now there are 6 product categories on Monto, which are aimed at both private individuals and companies. Monto also has a sophisticated booking system, so that you as a landlord can block days when an object is not available, prices can be differentiated if the rental price is to be cheaper on weekdays and there is an option to add discount levels.

Pernille Lydia Sørensen's idea has turned into a business, even though she has no experience with entrepreneurship. So right from the start, it has been learning by doing.

The future

In the future, Pernille wishes Monto to be on most phones and used in everyday life. At the same time, she wants objects not only to be rented when the need arises, but also when curiosity arises. Do you want to e.g. try roller skiing, rent a pair and try it out. Right now the focus is primarily on Aarhus. In order to achieve a large volume on the platform, but Monto will be launched to the rest of Denmark as soon as possible.

So there may even be more tenants and landlords. Monto must help to optimize resource utilization. Stop buying things you rarely use. Put your unused items up for rent and earn a rental profit while saving another to buy new.

A good advice

If you dream of starting your own business, ask yourself this question:

What's the worst that could happen? Pernille Lydia Sørensen said the same thing to herself when she started her own business. What is the worst that can happen and if those consequences don't scare you, then do it.

Startup Central has helped with

After setting up a company and getting a CVR number, Pernille Lydia Sørensen was called by Startup Central. Pernille saw several advantages in Startup Central, especially Startup Central's coaches attracted Pernille. Startup Central's coaches have helped Pernille with both big and small questions and she has joined a community.

One of Startup Central's coaches loved Pernille's idea. So he invited her up to his office and after a meeting, he became a partner in Monto. This partnership means that Monto can be further developed rapidly based on the feedback that comes back from the users, which Pernille Lydia Sørensen believes helps to create value for Monto's users.

Monto can be downloaded from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Follow Pernille's entrepreneurial journey

We at Startup Central love Monto, and we are proud to have been part of Pernille's journey.

We look forward to following Pernille. You can visit Monto on their website.

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