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A unique taste experience in one bite

Sisters Line and Sara Kjær Linnebjerg held the opening day for their company One Grab on 16 October 2021. However, the process started long before that. A year and a half before, they started developing products and making a plan for it all. There was especially a lot to read up on in relation to rules and legislation in the field of food. For them, it was about being as prepared as possible, and thus not having to figure it all out on the fly, when they are also busy with everything else.

Line is a trained nutritional technologist, which means that she can take care of a lot of the practicalities involved when dealing with food. Sara is a trained event coordinator. So she has been very much involved in marketing and the interior design of their café in Silkeborg. In this way, their skills match each other very well. They both have a passion for entrepreneurship, therefore it is ideal that they can combine their skills, their differences strengthen them. "We don't always have the same attitudes and opinions about things, but that strengthens us."

On 1 September they got the keys to their premises in Silkeborg and the premises were far from usable. There was a lot of work that needed to be done before they could open the doors and welcome their customers. Although neither Line nor Sara have tried to renovate anything before, they took it in stride and set about both the grouting and painting work. They follow Pippi Longstocking's quote: "I've never tried that before, so I can definitely do it!".

Both Line and Sara have always had a dream of becoming self-employed. Being your own boss and deciding everything is what attracted them. They have no one in their family who is independent, therefore they had to follow their own gut feeling and live out their dream. Their educations are not the easiest jobs to get the opportunity to work independently and decide something within. They want the opportunity to make a difference. And it offers the independent life.

"As a self-employed person, it is your own responsibility, if you do well, it is credit to yourself, if you do poorly, it is rice for your own ass." Line says that the work as a nutritional technologist can be very monotonous, the independent way of life does not and so an 8-16 job does not appeal to any of the sisters. So the independent way of life is ideal for them.

Line & Sara Kjær Linnebjerg | Startup Central

One Grab

One Grab offers taste experiences in one bite. Line's and Sara's appetizers are for now within the sweet cuisine, i.e. cookies, popcorn, cakes etc. They have in mind to open up the savory kitchen, make something brunch inspired and Christmas appetizers. But these will come continuously, as they will not decrease in quality. Everything is tested and the ingredients are carefully selected so that they meet Line and Sara's high standards. "Rather a small assortment and then a high quality."

None of them have tried to be independent or work with the same concept as One Grab. Therefore, everything is new for them and there are new routines that they have to get used to.

Line and Sara didn't just want to start their independent dream with anything, "it had to be different, something that hasn't been seen before." For Line's bachelor party in 2017, she made these little hapsers, which were a huge hit among the guests. That was the starting point for One Grab's concept. With small delicious bites of euphoric taste experiences, One Grab was created. With the One Grab concept, you are allowed to taste a lot of different things before you get too full.

The future

One Grab is already getting a lot of support on SoMe, for which they are very grateful. However, there are still not many people who know that they exist yet, so this is also what they are working on intensively. "We are not on the street in Silkeborg, but on a side street to the street. Therefore, more is needed to get people in.”

The people who have guided Sara and Line have focused a lot on the fact that it is a tough industry they are entering, it has not been the biggest motivating factor, but they have a dream and they would rather spend their savings on it than just keep it lying down. "We'd rather try it now than regret it later."

The dream is to be able to live off it and get a good salary. Then, of course, there are also plans to create more taste experiences, among other things within the salty cuisine.

Some good advice from Line and Sara

There are many things that you don't know, but that you have to keep track of. Within food, there are a lot of things that you have to keep track of before you can get started, and there are also a lot of terms that you also have to keep up to date on. So Line and Sara's first advice is to be prepared and familiarize yourself with things.

Another piece of advice is to just jump into it. When the preparation is in order, the time has come to throw yourself into it.

Startup Central has helped One Grab with that

When you have never started independently before, there are many things that you have to manage and there are many things that you do not know. Here is entrepreneur advice alfaomega. And since Line and Sara are completely new to the industry and don't have a network to lean on, they needed a lot of sparring.

"You often lack someone you can ask for help without paying a lot. For example, accountants and lawyers. Just being able to call in without feeling like you're a bother.” You can do that at Startup Central and that is what Line and Sara have used. You are never in trouble here, the team at Startup Central and our coaches are more than happy to help. "You get an answer quickly." Which is super important, as you have a lot to look after in your business, so what you need is a quick answer to your question so that you can move on in the text.

Line and Sara also have sparring from our coaches. Talked a lot with Anders when there was a frustration that needed to be clarified. "Anders has always been helpful and provided some guidelines to solve the problem."

In addition, they have made use of our business partners, as the budget is tight, it is good to be able to save some money. “There is a lot of money to be saved here.”

Follow Line and Sara's entrepreneurial journey

At Startup Central, we love Line and Sara's mentality about just throwing yourself into it, even if you haven't tried it before. Pippi Longstocking's quote: "I've never tried that before, so I can definitely do it!" permeates Line's and Sara's approach, they are some cool women who don't let anything put them off. They have a dream and a passion that they pursue strongly.

We are very much looking forward to seeing what their future holds.

You can follow them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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