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Nicholas Fransons' entrepreneurial dream started when, through several rounds, he had helped to build something for others. This was very successful, so he thought it was his right to try it out with his own. He simply had so much creativity locked up in him and it just had to come out and become a reality. He got the opportunity to do that by starting his own.

He is a huge playboy and there was a need for a little more to happen, "it has to be cool, creative and imaginative". Just as they do in the other big cities, such as Copenhagen and Aarhus.

It's about working concentratedly and finding the right concept. What matters is creating something that is in demand, something that stands out from all the others.

That's why he opened Fransons in November 2021, unfortunately the country closed down the following month. Luckily it didn't knock Nicholas out as there were lots of visitors during the time he was open and people have been so enthusiastic about his business. Fransons is a universe of entertainment. Here, the focus is on analogue entertainment in the form of board games, there is an artificial grass pitch, room to play king games and much more. It is perhaps one of the largest indoor board game cafes in Denmark. While you play, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a snack.

Nicholas wanted to create a place where people could relax and enjoy themselves. The timing was right, in these times it's all about being together and enjoying yourself. And then the product hits everyone, everyone has a playful child hidden in them that they can let loose at Fransons.

He describes Nicholas' greatest success as: "hitting the right concept and seeing people's reactions to how cool what I've created is." You can always find someone who can do marketing etc. but the difficult thing is to find the right concept. And the Fransons have succeeded. Nicholas says that the best thing is to see people go all in, see them laugh and mock each other when they play and play in his company.

Creating the right concept is based on doing your preliminary work. Keep calm and think through your whole business idea, get your idea pressure tested as much as possible before starting up, possibly by getting people to look at it, ask them for advice and get sparring - this is Nicholas' advice to other entrepreneurs. It's about asking and getting experiences from more experienced people.

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Startup Central has helped Nicholas with

"Startup Central provided a great deal". Nicholas was skeptical at first about getting a membership, it was another one to pay for. But a coach at Startup Central recommended he look into it and become a member. And since the price was worth following, he signed up.

In particular, getting a network where you could talk about your thoughts and ideas is something for Nicholas. "People are really nice and you get a lot of experience from the other members in the Startup Lounge." Being able to spar with other entrepreneurs about their experiences has made Nicholas stay at Startup Central, you always have so many questions that need answers when you start and run a business.

He encourages other entrepreneurs to consider social consideration in their business. The Fransons themselves support vulnerable children and young people. He makes his facilities available so that the vulnerable children and young people have a fun day - from this comes the message: "do something good for others when you do something good for yourself."

Follow Nicholas' entrepreneurial journey

We completely agree with Nicholas - there is a hidden playboy in all of us. We look forward to seeing Fransons develop even more.

If you also want to follow Nicholas' entrepreneurial adventure, you can follow him on Fransons' website and on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Fransons is worth a visit!

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