Maja Frausing

Don't be afraid to ask for advice

Being an entrepreneur has always been in the cards for Maja. She has always had a dream of having something of her own, building something from scratch and through her many creative ideas - see it blossom into success. She has previously been employed and salaried, but here she did not feel that she could express herself. There were too many restrictions and she didn't like working for others and therefore became an entrepreneur in May 2019. Here she could express her innovative thoughts and follow her gut without asking others for permission. This works best for her, as she is a bit of an innovative "visionary" and likes to have 100 things to look after all at once.

Today, her gut feeling and creative thoughts have brought her far and created success with her company: Frausing Beauty, which sells inner beauty skin care products. The products work with the skin from the inside and optimize the skin's balance and appearance.

The fact that it was this project that Maja started is based on the fact that she thinks there was a lack of such products. Something extra was needed for the skin that could not be found elsewhere. After Maja got started, she could feel the success. The success which resulted in her being able to launch a new product on 27 February 2021 – Skin Tea. A tea for the skin where you can sit relaxed at home on the sofa and care for and protect your skin against degradation, daily stress and prevent signs of ageing.

Maja Frausing | Startup Central

Startup Central has helped Maja with

Maja was completely new to the entrepreneurial field. Therefore, she has had a lot of questions. She searched around the web to find answers to all the questions, but she couldn't find anything until she came across Startup Central. Here she was able to speak to the first, second and third employee of the company, who happily answered all her questions. She needed all the knowledge and programs within entrepreneurship to get started with her business, and Startup Central had the resources to help her with that.

The entrepreneur platform offered everything she needed to start Frausing Beauty. What she couldn't find on the platform, she could seek answers to by talking to Anders, Daniel and Mathias, who, in addition to the practical information, were also nice to talk about the emotional aspects of starting a business.

Advice from Maja

Maja's good advice to other entrepreneurs is that you shouldn't be there just to ask. She herself has good experience in asking everyone for advice. People want to help you. "Knowledge is the way to success, contact all the people who can help you further. Write to people on LinkedIn. It's okay to look stupid to begin with, you're a beginner after all.” says Maja. She believes that making mistakes at the start of a project is not normalized or talked about enough, it should not be a taboo to make mistakes. It is part of the startup phase and we all learn from it. There will undoubtedly come times when it all comes together, what do you do there? Maja's suggestion is that you should not be afraid of making mistakes, you should instead take it with a straight face, learn from it and ask for help.

Follow Maja's entrepreneurial journey

If you want to follow Maja Frausing's entrepreneurial journey, you can read along on her Facebook and website Frausing Beauty.

We at Startup Central are very much looking forward to following her journey towards success.

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