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Crowdfunding campaign to create a better working environment for office workers

In a world where more and more office workers have experienced challenges with their working environment and health, the startup company ERGOZ has taken the initiative to make a difference. ERGOZ has developed a mobile folding table that not only meets the requirements of the Norwegian Occupational Safety and Health Administration, but is also designed to be easy to store out of the way or transport if you have limited space or simply want an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional, boring work tables.

Kim Braad Carlsen | Startup Central

The biggest challenge for ERGOZ has been getting the product into production. It required dedication and hard work to navigate through the product development process and ensure high quality in the pull-down table. But despite the challenges, Kim and his team have continued to pursue their vision of improving the working environment for office workers.

ERGOZ has chosen a primary business model that focuses on selling their folding tables to companies that prioritize the health and well-being of their employees. At a time when workplaces have become more flexible with hybrid work, it is more important than ever to offer ergonomic solutions that promote health and productivity. But ERGOZ also wants to create awareness among companies by engaging private "enthusiasts" who can speak positively about the product and contribute to spreading the message. Crowdfunding turned out to be a good opportunity to start up in the B2C segment without tying up too much cash in stock, as backers did not expect to receive the product immediately.

ERGOZ carried out a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of collecting funds to realize their project and minimize the loss from the invested marketing. The campaign achieved its funding goal, but it did not become the "mega-campaign" that Kim had expected. Before the campaign, he had built up a following of 1700 people who had signed up for his crowdfunding newsletters. These followers are expected to become buyers within the first 24 hours, which is crucial for gaining visibility on the Kickstarter platform, but unfortunately this decisive effect did not occur. Kim was close to canceling the campaign, but decided to continue in order to realize his project and minimize the already initial marketing investment.

Although the crowdfunding campaign did not go as expected, it still sparked many activities for ERGOZ. The most important of these is to secure the production of their first batch of drop-in tables. Although disbursement of funds from the crowdfunding campaign is still awaited, Kim and his team have already taken steps to jumpstart their B2B sales and ensure their products reach businesses.

A good advice

Kim candidly shares his experiences and advice for other startups considering crowdfunding as a financing method. He points out that the probability of products under DKK 1,000 hits a segment that is much more suitable for crowdfunding. At the same time, he emphasizes that it takes a significant amount of time and preparation to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, and that it is important to consider alternatives and weigh resource allocation carefully.

Kim has also learned through experience how difficult it is to get a product into production. They themselves had worked in Denmark on a prototype that was 90% complete, i.e. where there were only small things that needed to be corrected. We felt at the time that it was most appropriate to complete the final finish with the production factory. This was a huge mistake and in the long run cost time. The factories are super bad at handling these open points. It is therefore clearly recommended to deliver 100% completed documentation drawings, so that the factories only get one order task. As I said, it is a different culture and profession that is very different from our mentality in Denmark. It will probably be more expensive, but it will pay off in the end.

The future

ERGOZ still has challenges ahead, including administrative work and handling supporters from crowdfunding. However, with their targeted approach to improving the working environment and their innovative mobile lift-down desk, ERGOZ has already proven their dedication to creating a positive change for office workers everywhere.

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