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Entrepreneurship has somehow always been a part of Emil Nissen. “Ever since I was a child, I have always tried to sell everything strange to others. It's fun to build something for yourself and start something up”. Having the same regular everyday life has never been something he wanted to have. He would rather be master of his own everyday life and make his own money on what he thinks is exciting.

When Emil talks about why he is an entrepreneur, he says: “I like that it is very flexible and there are some new tasks happening every single day. That's really what drives it”. It motivates Emil to see that the hard work he puts into it pays off in the end. From experience, he got fond of marketing and personal branding, and how important it is for customers to see you. Hard work, education, courses, and starting up with free services have now paid off. Over the summer of 2020, when Emil has worked full time at his business, he has gained over 30 new customers. It must be said that it is a growth that can not be mistaken, and Emil's business model, with a focus on personal dialogue and the involvement of customers in the process, works.

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Boring administration can be done in smart tools

"My biggest challenge is all the formal – or the boring stuff," says Emil. VAT and taxes, contracts and so on are difficult. Administration takes a long time. For example, to provide all the info to be used in a contract or creation list for Facebook ads. Emil noticed this especially in the summer, when his customer database increased significantly. When there are starting to be many tasks, it is also a challenge to keep the structure and put it all in order. It can become confusing where you actually have to start: "You also have to make it so that you spend more time on the tasks, and less time on the administration".

As companies grow, structuring and administrative work often follow. "I really thought I was in control of it with contracts, but it was not enough." So, it was unexpected for Emil that he had to spend so much time on the administrative. And when you basically think the administrative is a bit boring, it could be nice to have had this knowledge beforehand. Emil therefore needed a CRM system and to-do lists to handle the growing number of customers and tasks. He has also used the tool ‘Slack’ for internal communication with customers.

In addition, he has allied himself with Startup Central, as we offer help and sparring. Emil says that he has benefited greatly from the entrepreneurial network Startup Lounge and the tools we offer through partners. "Often you do not have that much money in the beginning, so you can say that Startup Central is a really good offer. Both with sparring and also the accounting programs, SEO, etc. that I have also used a lot of. And then it is also a place for entrepreneurs, where you can get into an entrepreneurial network,” says Emil.

Where am I regarding experience and theory?

Emil says that it has also been a challenge to find out exactly where he should specialize and which area he should focus on. When you have to learn it, which courses should you take?: ”For example in Facebook advertising, there are many ways to do it. So what should you just choose? So that I have some experience within and I have some theoretical knowledge, but how do I get it connected so I do it my own way?”. Emil therefore believes that you have to find the way that works best for you. It does not make sense to do exactly what others do. It is super important to stand out from others.

However, this does not mean that you can not spar with others. On the contrary, it offers several alternatives where you can select exactly what makes the best sense for you. Emil actively uses Startup Lounge: “I have used Startup Lounge a lot. Both to make posts and comment on posts. And your employees are really good at 'tagging' if there is something relevant and someone who needs help with something Facebook or something. […] I would not be able to be without it”. Emil says that it has made a difference to how far his company is today, but also clearly a difference in the wallet where it pays to be a member. "It has definitely made a difference, all the way around. With good sparring and also a great group where you can network with others”.

Hvad er dit råd til andre iværksættere?

It has been a great learning for Emil to keep the overall overview. It is important to have it in place before one can be successful on other points. Emil's advice to entrepreneurs or others with entrepreneurial dreams is therefore to get a handle on the formal, because it will come to fruition as your business grows. Once you have mastered it, you will spend less time here, so you can spend more time on the tasks that are fun and that collect the money. Among other things, this was something that Emil would have liked to have known before he started. "All the different things with VAT and tax would be nice to know before the company was up and running".

At the same time, he also points out that the entire entrepreneurial journey is experience that is gained on an ongoing basis. As an entrepreneur, it is natural that you learn over time. That's also what's fun about it. The experience you get on the road is the one you need to optimize your business.

In addition, personal branding has been important to him. Emil found out very early in the process. It needs to be in place and customers need to know who you are and what you stand for. It has worked super well that he has thought of it as part of his business from the start.

It also means that his second piece of advice to other entrepreneurs is: Think about it now! You should not let this be a barrier, but it is important that you take the time to think your business through. Start it up continuously, try the product off: “Come out and try your product. Then you find out if it works for the target group, and you know if there is a customer base before you start” he says. With thorough preparation and market research, you will also find out what it is you can and want - and how you stand out. Find your own way of doing things. It is important that customers are satisfied, because as Emil says: “It is about being proactive. I make a living from delivering good results.”

Follow Emil's entrepreneurial journey

You can visit Emil's website here. If you need someone with the right marketing skills, then reach out to him!

We at Startup Central are of course proud to be part of Emil's journey, and his story shows how important it is to jump into it, and all the time. learn new things and spar with others about your ideas. However, it is also important from time to time to get on the helicopter and see where your business stands out.

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