Benedikte Birkholm ApS

Stilettos of quality, nice design and high comfort.

Benedikte Birkholm is behind the company Benedikte Birkholm ApS together with a partner who designs business stilettos. In other words, stilettos that have high comfort and a basic design, so they can be used by all business women and for all occasions. The aim is also to have the same collection, so that the customer can always return and get a stiletto that satisfies the cosmetic appearance, quality and comfort.

They have been running their business since January 2021. It is a long-term process because it all just has to sit in the closet. It must be a stiletto, which has a basic design and is as neutral as possible, so that you do not have to change the shoe every season, it must become a basic element in the wardrobe. But no compromises must be made with the high quality and comfort.

The biggest challenge is to make the shoe have the comfort and quality needed so that business women can walk in the stilettos all day without having the pain they otherwise get. "There are a lot of people who want to wear stilettos to work, some workplaces require stilettos as a dress code." This includes lawyers, auditors, flight attendants and large positions within larger companies, but there are also many petite women who would like to wear stilettos to gain a little height.

The general market for women who wear stilettos on a global basis is 49% for 18-24 year olds, 42% for 20-49 year olds and 24% for 50 and over, here it must be said that workplaces where the dress code includes high heels are also included. Additionally, the women's stilettos market is also the second highest market growth just behind the athletic shoes category.

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It all started because of my own need

"We both like to wear high heels, but often choose the slightly more practical shoes, such as boots or block heels, in order to be able to wear high heels all day. So we thought, it must be possible to get a nice shoe with comfort that I can wear all day and use again and again.”

A great many women can nod their heads in recognition of this challenge.

They had researched a bit whether there were others on the market with their idea. There is something similar, but the way they want to stand out is by having a very specific segment under professional auspices.

Teh future

A huge goal for them is to be able to see a finished product that works and satisfies their need for comfort and appearance. "We do not want to enter the market with something that we are not satisfied with."

Once that is in place, they hope that they can build a brand and grow. But design and comfort are most important to them. "Although there is good comfort, the design must also play, otherwise you will not go with them."

They hope that there are many women who will be happy with a business stiletto with comfort and hope that they can feel that they can wear stilettos every day and be feminine without having sore feet all evening.

They also talk about the possibility of working more closely with a podiatrist. They have spoken to a podiatrist who states that it will never be healthy to walk in high heels, but that it is all about support. By optimizing the support in the foot and ensuring that you step with a larger area of ​​the foot, you can minimize the damage and pain. This is exactly why comfort is so important.

A few good tips

"Talk to people and be open about your idea." You must be open to feedback and criticism, it helps to prevent stupid mistakes from the start. They themselves were surprised by all the people who supported them in starting a business. They have received help, sparring, new ideas and even talked to people who want to buy into the company. "I am completely overwhelmed by the support we have received."

Talk about it and ally yourself with some who are better than yourself, some who have different skills than yourself.

Another recommendation from them is: "Join a network, like Startup Central. It's most rewarding to have someone who wants you, they just want to help you succeed.”

And then there is a small invitation from them: "Everything can be done, it's just a matter of working for it. There is nothing unrealistic or impossible, you just have to keep an eye on the goal. As long as you have a good mindset, you should probably make it.”

Startup Central has helped them with

Benedikte was recommended by a friend, who had just joined Startup Central, to join herself. Benedikte therefore signed up together with her partner before she started her business, because it was a bit confusing to get started. "It's a modest amount you pay and it's totally worth it."

They have not started independently before, so they have received a lot of advice, including advice on whether they should start a sole proprietorship or an ApS, as well as where they could find manufacturers for leather.

In addition, they have used both the liquidity template and the business plan that Startup Central provides. "They have been good at uncovering questions for ourselves. I have asked about everything, there is almost nothing that I have not asked about; accountant, law, marketing.” For the basic questions, they have used the closed network Startup Lounge, whereas they use coaches for more specific questions, including topics such as production, lawyer and website.

Follow Benedikte Birkholm ApS's entrepreneurial journey

We pay tribute to Benedikte Birkholm ApS. Everyone should have the opportunity to wear the outfit they want and it should preferably not be uncomfortable.

That is why it is now great that businesswomen can get stilettos that have higher comfort.

We have no doubt that Benedikte Birkholm ApS will be hugely successful. We are very much looking forward to following this journey.

If you also want to follow the journey, keep an eye out for Benedikte Birkholm ApS.

In July 2021, Benedikte was named networker of the month 🚀

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