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All help is welcome

Bastian Busch runs the company Murermester Bastian and there is momentum at the moment.
Bastian has been an entrepreneur since June 2014, but took a break when he was at the top of his business. He took the break in connection with having children, in order to have security in a safety network in the form of a fixed and secure income. He tried his hand as an employee from 2017 to 2020. But quickly found out that it was not him, so he started his own business - Master Mason Bastian - in August 2020 for the second time. Bastian has had wild success in 2021. In the first two months, he has closed assignments for 1.3 million, so there is plenty of success in the company Mason Bastian.
In the 6-7 years Bastian has been an entrepreneur, he has learned that it is expensive to start a business. The money is especially small in the beginning, where there are many expenses for one-time benefits. In addition, there are many things to keep track of - you do not always have the profits and time to find the cheapest or best solutions that will meet the needs of the company.
Therefore, Bastian was initially a bit skeptical about all the subscriptions available. He was not quite sure if Startup Central could offer him anything relevant. As he says: “There are so many subscriptions that try to sell, but they rarely create value for the company. After all, it's money you put into it and give it something at all? Do you use it? ”

Bastian Busch | Startup Central

Startup Central helps Master Mason Bastian

Bastian uses like so many other accounting programs in his company. When our employee Mathias called him and offered a membership at Startup Central, Bastian was not entirely convinced that he should be a member. Bastian has had a business before and therefore knows what it takes to run a business. Now that he has such extensive knowledge - and all the services / programs needed to run his business - it was hard for him to believe that Startup Central could create more value for him. However, the conversation with Mathias convinced him that we could help him with several things - in the form of both new initiatives and cheaper solutions.
Among other things, we helped Bastian get an address for his company in Copenhagen. It was attractive to Bastian for several reasons - including that he now has room to grow in the Copenhagen market. And get cheap parking for company car. In addition, it turned out, among other things, that he could get his accounting program cheaper by being a member with us.
Membership now helps to create savings for his business and make it more attractive. For as he says: "All help is welcome."
He believes that he will definitely use more services from Startup Central in the future - both in the form of coaches and partners.

Here at Startup Central, we are super excited to follow Bastian's journey. His story shows how important it is to find the right programs and services as cheaply as possible, in order to afford to start a business.
If you also want to follow Bastian's journey, you can read more on his Facebook page.

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