Anna Jensen Skovgaard

It will probably work as long as you are passionate about it and have the heart

Anna Jensen Skovgaard owns Butik Petit, a beautiful shop located in the heart of Horsens. The little gem has been selling baby and children's clothing since May 2020, which is primarily produced in Italy and the Netherlands. It was a bit of a coincidence that Anna's store was going to sell children's clothes. She is a trained hairdresser, so she was at least certain that her entrepreneurship had to do with customer contact. She says that she had a lot of creative ideas for her store, but that she chose to follow her heart.

In 2020, she could feel that the time was right to live out her dream. After she had made her decision, she went to a baby and children's fair in Germany with a friend, where she had the opportunity to talk to potential suppliers and both see and feel the product she wanted to sell. Anna knew that if she was going to have a chance in the baby and children's clothing industry, she had to stand out. And she definitely does that with her unique products. Brands for which she is the exclusive distributor in Denmark. Her brands are not only chosen based on the fact that she stands out, as she says: "I have chosen the brands I have in the store myself - they have been chosen with the heart, because of the quality and top-notch design."

Anna is very detail-oriented and always makes sure that her customers get only the very best. That's why she personally checks all the clothes she receives for faults and defects before they leave the store. "This ensures that none of my customers will have a bad experience." It is very important to her that her customers have the best experience, therefore it is also particularly important that she can offer her customers clothes and accessories that can only be purchased from her. At the same time, she is constantly looking for new brands, so she has something for every taste.

Anna has always wanted to be independent. It just took a little time to find the right industry. Until she found her passion, she studied, among other things, in economics, which has prepared her better to start.

"My father is definitely a huge source of inspiration", despite the fact that he is in a completely different industry than Anna, she has always admired the passion and joy he has for his company. "Building something from scratch and seeing it grow and develop is truly admirable" This is what has made her independent today. "I definitely enjoy being the decision-maker best," she says, adding that it is a huge motivation factor to see her company develop.

It's not because Anna doesn't have big dreams for her business, but she also believes that you should celebrate the small successes in your entrepreneurship. That is why she celebrates the small goals, for example, it could be the number of web orders she gets, a good day's or month's turnover. Small successes in the near future – they must be celebrated. In addition, she loves the positive feedback from her customers "it means so much to me." She celebrates the successes by investing in something new for her store and webshop, that way her customers also share in the success.

Anna Jensen Skovgaard | Startup Central

Good advice

Anna's good advice to other self-employed people is to do the preparatory work, including preparing an establishment budget. The processing is really important, if the processing is not in order, the whole thing may well become a bit unmanageable and everything starts to run wild, but if the processing is in order, you avoid it running away completely.

She also recommends that you familiarize yourself with bookkeeping or finances in general, you should at least give it a try. In this way, you will get the necessary overview in relation to income vs. expenses.

In addition, one should not be too proud to ask for help or good advice. "You can't know everything."

Startup Central has helped Anna with

"It is important that as an entrepreneur you have some competent people to spar with". Therefore, the network is an important factor that Startup Central has played into. Anna says that she always reads all posts on Startup Central's Facebook page – Startup Lounge. And if there is something she can offer, she comments and thus helps other entrepreneurs further with their entrepreneurial adventure.

She even got help with her webshop with some functions. "It is great that the answer is always quick and that there is a good and helpful tone."

Follow Anna's entrepreneurial journey

Anna's beautiful Butik Petit is constantly getting new delicious products. If you want to keep up with which, you can follow her Facebook page and Instagram.

In any case, we look forward to seeing more creative thoughts from Anna. And see where what she is passionate about and what she has her heart in leads to.

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