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Burn for it and believe in it

Alexander, Daniel and Malte's entrepreneurial adventure with Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym started with the same attitude; that if you are a wage earner, then you are working on another man's dream, this is not meant to be bad towards wage earners. They could just feel that they had a lot of dreams themselves that they wanted to live out. "And then there is a certain satisfaction in being master of your own time and living on your own terms. With a crisis like this, where you are isolated and your human rights are trampled on, you start to think that you don't want to spend time on something you are not passionate about."

Horsen's coolest training station; Horsens Crossfit has become Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym, where the three entrepreneurs Alexander, Daniel and Malte opened on March 1, in the middle of corona. It could be done without problems, since all training was outside. It started with a shared vision to be more than just a gym / crossfit box. A place for personal development where new relationships are created and a strong network can be built, for a healthy future in the city of Horsens. Originally, it all started a few years ago with Jar House ApS, which was Alexander's subsidiary of Gør Danmark Sundere ApS. A common passion for exercise and health - could develop in the Make Denmark Healthier company, the 3 entrepreneurs thought. Hence the purchase of Horsens Crossfit at the old Falck station, which is now also a meeting point for all those who normally go to other gyms. At Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym, fitness-loving souls had the opportunity to resume training and contact old friends and acquaintances who normally trained in another gym. In this way, bridges were built between members of other gyms during a difficult time, "it has been a real pleasure to witness".

"Horsen's Crossfit & Open Gym has a strong focus on community, regardless of who you are - so our desire is to activate all Horsenians, after this terrible shutdown," says Alexander. Many have gone through a hard time personally due to the shutdown, but with the opportunity to be active and be part of a community, the members have come out on the other side - with a smile on their face.

Alexander, Daniel and Malte would like to offer people the opportunity for personal development. It's about more than creating a great body, it's about the mindset, the goal and the purpose in life, a contrast to so many other gyms. “We want to take part in the community. Help others to help themselves, the more you can help on their journey, the more you help your own.” For the team behind Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym, success is about feeling that those who take part in the community do so without expecting anything in return. Here people are more than a member.

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Good advice

1: Do what you are passionate about.

If you are not already doing what you are passionate about, the time has come to look inward and come out and try out your dreams, in order to judge whether it is something that you are really passionate about.

Alexander, Daniel and Malte are really passionate about it. This is also why they have started their dream. They feel on their own bodies what eating healthier, exercising and not least the community does to them, which is why they want to pass it on to others through Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym.

2: You have to believe it.

You have to believe in yourself and the dream you are about to follow. Sometimes you can doubt yourself, but here it's about having people around you who believe in you. People who can back one up and get one back on track.

The team behind Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym could feel that they are making a difference to many - "faith moves mountains". By not "just" being a gym/crossfit box - but a community where everyone believes in each other and supports each other when the belief in one's self is not quite there.

3: You must act.

"Without action there is no transformation." It is so important that you take action, because it is the action that creates the feeling of motivation.” Sometimes you may feel unmotivated, but you have to act no matter what. One must act regardless of emotional state.

"It's about emotional health, you have to be able to move freely around all emotional aspects, but without getting stuck on one. No feeling is final, they vary all the time. Even if you have a feeling of being unmotivated or tired, it is important that you remember that this feeling will pass and is only temporary. If you start to fight the feeling, you risk staying in it, and that is not emotional health.”

4: Persistence.

Simple advice, but difficult to maintain. It's about sticking with what you're passionate about and fighting on, even if it can sometimes look a little bleak.


These are Alexander, Daniel and Malte's 4 points for success, no matter who you are, you can follow these tips and you will achieve success.

Startup Central has helped Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym with this

Alexander Simmenæs knows Anders Fogh through networking events. Here they fell into conversation and found a common starting point: Supporting others - Startup Central does it and Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym does it. That is one reason why they became part of Startup Central – they wanted to support a good concept. "You have to support those who you think are doing something cool. If you help others, it will come back 100 times over.”

In addition, it is nice to know that there is always someone who has your back if you need help, both in the form of coaches and customer service, who are ready.

The business plan is also a great tool in that you can fill it out and send it out to relevant people for feedback and possibly out to potential investors.

Follow Alexander, Daniel and Malte's entrepreneurial journey

We are so excited to follow the team behind Horsens Crossfit & Open Gym's entrepreneurial journey and we love their concept of making Denmark healthier.

In addition, their good advice is spot on!

If you also want to follow how they make Denmark healthier, you can follow them on their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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