Here you will find a selection of our members' success stories

Kim Braad Carlsen - ERGOZ | Startup Central

Crowdfunding campaign to create a better working environment for office workers

Health and the working environment for office employees must be put on the agenda.

Kim Braad Carlsen

Solveig og Lea - IVITAL | Startup Central

Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars.

Startup Central's coaches have stood as a backwater.

Solveig og Lea

Ditte Julie - By Ditte Julie | Startup Central

We all have our own journey, each with our own goals

From hobby to livelihood

Ditte Julie

Poul Henrik Due - detDuer | Startup Central

The small company with the big network

It is freedom with responsibility

Poul Henrik Due

Pernille Lydia Sørensen  - Monto | Startup Central

Stop buying things you rarely use

I joined a community at Startup Central and got a partner

Pernille Lydia Sørensen

Leif Didriksen  - GO' Motion | Startup Central

Where exercise and community meet

If you are not afraid to become independent, then do it

Leif Didriksen

Rasmus & Benjamin Erichsen - Stop Spild Lokalt | Startup Central

Stop Spild Lokalt reduces food waste and promotes sustainability in Denmark.

There are good discounts and offers to be had in Startup Central

Rasmus & Benjamin Erichsen

Emil Nissen - Nissen & Co | Startup Central

It is about the core values

It's not about getting as many customers as possible, but that the results are something you can be proud of

Emil Nissen

Benedikte Birkholm ApS - Benedikte Birkholm ApS | Startup Central

Stilettos of quality, nice design and high comfort.

It's a modest amount you pay to be a member of Startup Central and it's totally worth it.

Benedikte Birkholm ApS

Asbjørn Fredslund - Meta Learn | Startup Central

Denmark's interactive self-help app

The best thing is when you can feel that a person really wants to help you.

Asbjørn Fredslund

Sebastian Schlicker - Supplybase | Startup Central

Sebastian wants to digitize a conservative industry

Your product has to be 10 times better for people to change their behaviour, because people have habits in which they feel safe.

Sebastian Schlicker

Thomas Højland Gadegaard - Fueli | Startup Central

Make the impossible possible

Startup Central's coaches are a shortcut to competences.

Thomas Højland Gadegaard

Rasmus, Jesper, Anders | Happenings - Rasmus, Jesper og Anders | Startup Central

If it was easy, everyone would have done it

Startup Central has created a unique network that actually creates value.

Rasmus, Jesper, Anders | Happenings

Exclusive Robes  - Exclusive Robes | Startup Central

Running a business requires self-discipline

Startup Central provides extra knowledge, help to find the right suppliers and coaching.

Exclusive Robes

Jacob Skou Lopez Gøtterup - Makari | Startup Central

Keep at it and give it time

The most important thing for entrepreneurs is networking, you can get that at Startup Central.

Jacob Skou Lopez Gøtterup

Mathias, Frederik, Martin & Andreas - Juicebox | Startup Central

Life as an upcoming musician has been made easier.

Contact Startup Central, they have the contacts you need.

Mathias, Frederik, Martin & Andreas

Ali, Frederik og Manuel - Cassiar | Startup Central

Together We Dream

Startup Central has given us so much. There is no shame in asking for help, especially when others have more experience.

Ali, Frederik og Manuel

Line & Sara Kjær Linnebjerg - One Grab | Startup Central

A unique taste experience in one bite

As a newbie, you need someone you can ask for help without paying a lot of money. You can do that at Startup Central

Line & Sara Kjær Linnebjerg

Frederik Riber Larsen - Arriber | Startup Central

Service is the most important thing

From the start, the focus must be on how much you can help a customer, not on how many customers you can help. It only makes you happier and thus also the customer.

Frederik Riber Larsen

Casper Hessellund - Adwords Specialist | Startup Central

Hard work produces results if you are patient

My MasterClass is created to give back. Anyone can learn to master Google Ads

Casper Hessellund

Jakob, Jonas & Lucas - Plakatsnedkeren | Startup Central

Brings nature and memory into the home

It may be a bit of a cliché, but a good piece of advice is to join Startup Central.

Jakob, Jonas & Lucas

Andreas, Martin, Daniel & Johannes - DuelHost | Startup Central

Happy customers must be a good start

Startup Central helps its members with the first difficult steps as an entrepreneur

Andreas, Martin, Daniel & Johannes

Jens Holm-Christensen - Bolcheværk | Startup Central

Persistence is a good quality as an entrepreneur

When you sit alone, it is worth its weight in gold that there are people who know something about law, investor pitch, funding, etc. The coaches in Startup Central do that.

Jens Holm-Christensen

Christoffer, Patrick & Rasmus - Rista | Startup Central

We want to change the coffee market, people must shop locally

Startup Central gave us very good sparring and we have saved a lot of money on their benefits program

Christoffer, Patrick & Rasmus

Martin Levdanski Witt - Design by Witt | Startup Central

Find your passion and have a team behind you

The Startup Lounge is a brilliant place to turn things around and share your knowledge

Martin Levdanski Witt

Keyvan Bamdej - Bamdej Communication ApS | Startup Central

The road to success: "Make a strong impression!"

Startup Central brings everyone together in one place, where you get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and give good advice.

Keyvan Bamdej

Sarah Johnsen - Forkælet | Startup Central

The extra touch makes a difference

Just do what you want, be your own boss and manage your own time.

Sarah Johnsen

Rune Rønhave Laursen - Clutch Cognition | Startup Central

Do your homework, it pays off

The vision of making the world healthier and smarter – that is the mantra for what Clutch Cognition stands for

Rune Rønhave Laursen

Martin Navne & Kristoffer Degn - Custimy | Startup Central

Knowledge is the most important thing in a company

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Martin Navne & Kristoffer Degn

Christian & Mathias Høgsgaard  - Hawksgaard | Startup Central

Do whatever it takes

If the spark is there, then it's just a matter of getting started.

Christian & Mathias Høgsgaard

Anna Jensen Skovgaard - Butik Petit | Startup Central

It will probably work as long as you are passionate about it and have the heart

Det er vigtigt, som iværksætter at have nogle kompetente mennesker at sparre med.

Anna Jensen Skovgaard

Sigrid Ringström - Ø kiosken Egholm | Startup Central

Start small and build on it, according to demand

There is good sparring in Startup Central about which programs are best for your company.

Sigrid Ringström

Laurids Knage Møller  - Into The Snack | Startup Central

For others it's just a job, for me it's a passion.

Whatever it fucking takes. - It doesn't matter what it will cost, as long as you want it.

Laurids Knage Møller

Alexander, Daniel og Malte - Alexander, Daniel og Malte | Startup Central

Burn for it and believe in it

More than just a gym, it's a community where you support each other

Alexander, Daniel og Malte

Dan Mortensen - Dan Mortensen Fotografi | Startup Central

Portrait with personality and confidence

Your passion must be your motivating factor

Dan Mortensen

Lars Düwel - WestStream | Startup Central

Just do it and don’t overdo it

Entrepreneurship is far too important to pass up. We must pay tribute to the entrepreneurs, they create the jobs.

Lars Düwel

Nicholas Fransons - Fransons | Startup Central

A universe of entertainment

Find the right concept, ask others for advice and have your preparations in order.

Nicholas Fransons

Asger Neidhardt & Mads Loichtl - Asger Emil Neidhardt & Mads Georg Loichtl | Startup Central

Get energy in a natural way

It's not just about selling, but being passionate about what you do.

Asger Neidhardt & Mads Loichtl

Mariane Schou Andersen - Sigtbar | Startup Central

If nothing goes right go left

You mustn't be afraid to throw yourself into it, but you must have processed it properly, Startup Central can help with that.

Mariane Schou Andersen

Bastian Busch - Murermester Bastian | Startup Central

All help is welcome

Startup Central has made it cheap to start a business.

Bastian Busch

Maja Frausing - Frausing Beauty | Startup Central

Don't be afraid to ask for advice

Startup Central has helped me with everything required to start a business, both business-wise and emotionally.

Maja Frausing

Martin Bernth Madsen - Helmer Art | Startup Central

It's about not giving up

Startup Central has and still gives me motivation to want to succeed as an entrepreneur. They give me sparring and a network I can't find anywhere else.

Martin Bernth Madsen

Emil Nissen - | Startup Central

Find your place in the market and stand out!

Startup Central is the right place for you as an entrepreneur.

Emil Nissen

Stefan Nygaard - Nexø IT | Startup Central

I'm counting on it will be the biggest thing I get to do!

Startup Central is the coach who cheers on the sidelines!

Stefan Nygaard

Carol Sannes - FLOOFERS® | Startup Central

Coach paves the way for FLOOFERS® ApS – unique sensory teddy bears

FLOOFERS® sensory teddy bears are produced with the help of Startup Central.

Carol Sannes

Jakob Junker Jeppesen - MyEpi | Startup Central

The importance of team expectations reconciliation

Startup Central is an excellent and supportive network for anyone interested in jumping into life as an entrepreneur.

Jakob Junker Jeppesen

Mette Egelund - Find svaret i dit hjerte | Startup Central

It was only then that it dawned on me. This is where my shelf is. This is what I want

Startup Central has been decisive for my visibility and start-up as an entrepreneur.

Mette Egelund

Mikael Falck - 3D Eventyr | Startup Central

Good advice doesn't have to be expensive

Startup Central, I believe, gives new entrepreneurs a good start.

Mikael Falck

Theis Steen Hansen - Water of Life | Startup Central

Whiskey taster as a full-time hobby

World-class sparring and coaching!

Theis Steen Hansen