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What is marketing?

Marketing is a term for the measures that businesses take to promote their business, brand or product. Marketing is a way to promote something specific, and exists to create awareness and visibility around something specific. Marketing is very important for your business, as your customers will not know about your business or your product if it is not marketed in some way or another. Marketing is therefore about finding a way to influence your target audience into buying your product.

There are many ways to engage in marketing, so you need to figure out which marketing strategy makes the most sense for your business and the product you want to market.

Online marketing

With online marketing you market your business or product on the internet, this means that all the marketing measures you take will occur online, this could for example be SoMe or ads. With online marketing you open yourself up to unknown benefits and opportunities to create awareness for your business or your product.

Offline marketing

Offline marketing is all the marketing that you cannot find on the internet, like printed media and tv. Although this is a grey area as you can both read printed media and watch tv on the internet, but they still belong under offline marketing.

Offline marketing can be banners, flyers, posters, billboards, telemarketing and so on.

A large field

Marketing is a large field, and it can therefore be hard to get to everything that belongs under the extensive umbrella term that marketing is.

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