Target group

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What is an traget group?

A target group is the group of people that your product or service addresses. A target group is the customers in the market that you choose to focus on, including your marketing. If you run a business, it is absolutely crucial that you know your target group, so you can target your content, marketing and products to the right people and thus create sales.

To find your target group, you can do a target group analysis, which among other things. may involve:

  • Analysis of your product / service - Who attracts it and what is it?
  • Analysis of your competitors - Who do they address and how do you stand out on that point?
  • Your customers 'geography - Where do they live?
  • Your customers' demographics - Gender, age, interests, etc.
  • Your customers' psychography - Social status, behavior, preferences, etc.

When you have control of your target group, it is absolutely essential to make use of it in your marketing strategy, so that messages, content and choice of media are selected on the basis of the target group.

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