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What is communication?

Communication is many things, and you are always subconsciously communicating.

Communication as a social community

Communication is a term that covers all social communities. You cannot have or get a social community without some form of communication. People are social creatures and are thereby dependent on being able to interact and communicate with others.   

Without communication you cannot bond with others, and it is the same with businesses, they cannot create relationships with their customers without communication.

Definition of communication

The word communication is defined as the exchange of messages between individuals. Communication can be split up into the following sub categories:

  • Verbal
  • Nonverbal
  • Written
  • Visual

Verbal communication is used through language and sounds. It is spoken. Verbal communication can be used together with nonverbal. Efficient verbal communication can be achieved through active listening.

Nonverbal communication takes place without words, but with the use of body language, mimicry, and tone of voice. Nonverbal communication can thus be used interchangeably with what is said (verbal communication).

Written communication, as the words imply, occurs through written language. It can for example be communication through e-mails, letters, books, magazines, and the internet.

Interpersonal communication is face to face communication, where both verbal and nonverbal communication are used. So, it uses spoken language, as well as tone, body language, and mimicry.

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