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What is a freebie

A freebie is also called a lead magnet or reader magnet.

As the name freebie implies, it means that as a company you give something out to potential customers without them having to pay money for it. However, the potential customer provides his information, such as e-mail, name, telephone number in exchange, and accepts some conditions, which means that they, for example, sign up for your newsletter - which can be the main purpose of a freebie, namely to provide leads to the company.

A freebie can be many different things, examples can be a .pdf that contains a guide or a checklist. A freebie can also be a quiz, where the company possibly can use response data for future marketing.

According to the Danish Marketing Act, you must not use the word "free" about a freebie, as it costs something that has a real value, namely the customer's e-mail.