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What is Startup Lounge?

Startup Lounge is an online network filled with entrepreneurs, traders and people with an interest in business. It is a network where you can ask all the questions you need. You will receive sparring, good tips and guidance from others who have been in the same situation as you.

The network focuses on knowledge sharing - it includes the latest developments in the entrepreneurial industry, events and other relevant info for entrepreneurship.

Access the network Startup Lounge on Facebook or download the network on App Store and Play Store.

Entrepreneur network Startup Lounge full of entrepreneurs who want to help you and cheer you on.

What do you get as part of the Startup Lounge?

At Startup Lounge, you become part of an already established network that has provided value to many self-employed and entrepreneurs before you. You get a lot of benefits as a member:

  • Sparring, tips and guidance from experienced business people, business people and people with an interest in business.
  • Sparring with business people in your own industry.
  • Guaranteed competent feedback from our administrators and coaches who have many years of experience in production, strategic planning, sourcing, marketing and much more.
  • Opportunity to interact in a professional, informative and rewarding network of success creation.
  • Opportunity to find partners and potential customers.
  • Opportunity to promote your company.
  • Insight into new partners, offers, coaches and initiatives from Startup Central, etc.
  • Free webinars / lives from experienced professionals.
  • Select which area you want to network within.

  • Search for a specific post
  • A network in your pocket.

It is up to you weather you want to access the network Startup Lounge through Facebook or download the app on App Store or Play Store.

What makes Startup Lounge unique?

Startup Lounge is on its own platform, which means that the possibilities are not limited by features. In the Startup Lounge, you can, among other things, select which area and which industry you would like to network within. That way, you will not be disturbed by posts that are not relevant to you.

You get the opportunity to spar with other members, our business coaches and our administrator team. All our members are dedicated, focused and strive for success, therefore they are also eager to help you, as together we can grow Denmark and thus create better conditions for all self-employed and entrepreneurs.

In Startup Lounge you can promote your brand, product, company or idea and you have the opportunity to find partners and / or potential customers. When you ask questions, we put you in touch with relevant members or coaches so you get the best sparring. As we have the opportunity to put our members in touch with experienced business coaches, the individual member becomes professionalized even more effectively. All content is based on a foundation of professionalism and professionalism - through this our members get the best basis for developing their business idea and living out their entrepreneurial dream.

The network has a calm and informal tone. Everyone is heard and no question is too small or big to be answered. In other network groups, it is often only the largest companies with the most followers who get a word introduced - this is not the case here. In the Startup Lounge, only the self-employed and entrepreneurs interact. And there is always room for a good debate, as long as it is in the field of entrepreneurship. We believe this makes the network unique.

In addition, webinars are held and live so that our members are always up-to-date with the latest entrepreneurial knowledge.

You always have your network close by, as it is an online network.

How to access the Startup Lounge

To access the exclusive online network group, you must be a member of Startup Central. You can then freely use the network and its many resources.

Sign up for at Basic membership for DKK 0.


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