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Startup Central ApS' Privacy Statement

Startup Central ApS respect your privacy. In this statement we lay out our policy on privacy and how we protect your rights, secure and apply your personal information’s. Startup Central ApS is a Danish company and deliver a Network platform and services through subscriptions. The Headquarter is in Horsens, Denmark and is acting under the European regulations on personal data, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All major decisions at Startup Central ApS regarding the protection of personal information are decided at CEO and board level under oversight of the Data Protection Officer.


We at Startup Central ApS take the protection of your personal data serious and have the goal to ensure a serious and safe corporation with the subscribers, coaches and partners. Startup Central ApS has in that regard created this Privacy Statement, so you are informed about how Startup Central ApS is treating the personal data we collect. Startup Central ApS makes on an ongoing basis risk assessments regarding the exchange of personal data and if this exchange influences your fundamental rights. Startup Central ApS also makes consequence analysis in the situations where it is a necessity to treat sensitive personal data on you, before handling or applying the data.

Which data is collected and when do we collect it?

Startup Central ApS collects your data in that moment we are requesting it and you have given your consent. The purpose of collecting the data is to fulfill the agreement that Startup Central ApS is a part of and/or being able to respond to any inquiry you may direct at Startup Central ApS and/or any of our coaches and partners. Startup Central is collecting regular personal data which includes name, mail and phone number. In relation to our hiring process, personal data and references will be collected. Examples of usage of registered personal data:

  • Administrative purposes (membership register, services)
  • Processing orders, agreements, invoices and payments
  • To fulfill the terms of the agreement/subscription with Startup Central ApS
  • Processing requests made in relation to the services provided by/through Startup Central ApS
  • For the hiring process and processing HR related processes with internships

Should a need occur to treat the collected data for other purposes, you will be asked to give your consent, unless a consent is not necessary. In this regard we just inform you of the purpose.

What is relevant and necessary personal data?

Startup Central ApS is always, limiting the usage of your personal data to the necessary and secure that no unnecessary personal data is treated or stored.

The purpose of the collected data is always the deciding factor to what data is being processed. We always process the personal data necessary to fulfill the concluded agreement between the data responsible and the data processer. Startup Central ApS only uses and processes the data that is necessary to be able to fulfill the agreement (s) and recommends that no personal information of a sensitive nature be sent to

Startup Central ApS through Startup Central ApS 'services / website, including the information protected by the GDPR on race and ethnic origin, political views, religious and philosophical beliefs, trade union affiliation, genetic and biometric data, health information or sexuality and sexual orientation.

If by Danish law or EU regulation/directive requirements occur, further information can and will be collected.

Control, updates and deleting

Startup Central ApS is on an ongoing basis controlling the registered data and is updating the data if changes should have occurred. You, as the registered, is obliged to inform us of any changes in your contact and/or payment information. This information should be delivered to us through the contact information listed in the Privacy Statement. We have internal guidelines for control and updating personal data.

Startup Central ApS is responsible for deleting any personal data not, that is no longer relevant or required to fulfill the purposes or agreements. Startup Central ApS keeps, in accounting, the relevant data stored for up to 5 years as do we with the general contact information for up to 1 year after an agreement has expired or the termination of a subscription. You can always request for your personal data to be deleted, if Startup Central ApS is not allowed to store your registered personal data without your consent, or the registered and stored data are necessary/required for Startup Central ApS to fulfill the agreement (s) or request (s).

Consent & disclosure

Startup Central ApS does not require or collect a separate consent from you to be able to fulfill or process a closed agreement between you and Startup Central ApS, nor for the purpose of processing and/or answering any inquiries and/or requests. Under the circumstance that your personal data is wanted for other purposes than described in the section sections above, we will request for a consent before the processing is initiated.

Startup Central ApS does not disclosure your personal data to third parties or any other parties without your consent or it is required for us to be able to fulfill a closed agreement between you and Startup Central ApS.

Startup Central ApS kan dog benytte sig af data processors and in this context/relation disclose relevant personal data (follow for ex. of Data processor agreement). Startup Central ApS has the right to disclose any information, you have given consent to, to our partners, for example by creating a User/Profile with one of the partners.

The Police and other public authorities can demand that Startup Central ApS disclose your personal data from a Startup Central ApS database/system. Startup Central Aps will oblige to such a request if a court order has been issued, or something equal that may oblige Startup Central ApS to comply to such an order.

Safety & Cookies

Startup Central ApS has internal protocols for usage and processing your personal data. Protocols which together with the safety measures, make sure that your personal data is under protection and secured against destruction, loss, change, unauthorized disclosure and/or access. You can read everything about cookies following the link: Cookiepolitikken i Startup Central

Merger & Acquisitions

In connection with mergers or acquisition of Startup Central ApS, the acquiring unit, as well as its consultants, will have access to the information managed by Startup Central ApS. In such a case, it may be your personal data and Startup Central ApS will in this connection enter into a confidentiality agreement with the external party / parties.

Your rights

- You always have the right to access the personal data that Startup Central ApS has registered on you, that including your right to information on which data we store on you and where it we collected it and what usage we have for it. If you wish, you also have the right know how long we store your personal data, who stores it and where, as well as who we share your data with, if we share this.

- In certain cases, there is information that Startup Central ApS does not disclose, for example where other private individuals' privacy protection weighs more heavily, consideration of intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

- If you want to make use of your rights, simply contact Startup Central ApS in one of the following ways:

By Email to

By Phone +45 29 29 01 13 *

By Letter on Søndergade 43, 1st floor, 8700 Horsens

- In the event of that Startup Central ApS has registered personal data on you, and you become aware that the registered data is not correct or inaccurate, you have the right to request that we delete the incorrect data and the inaccurate data corrected.

You must send us information about what data you may think is inaccurate or incorrect, after which Startup Central ApS will take the course of action to solve the issue.

- There may be cases where you do not agree that we process your personal data. In these cases, you can request Startup Central ApS to delete the data in question. You can also do this if you believe that Startup Central ApS processes data in violation of the law, the processing is no longer necessary or that you have withdrawn your consent to the processing. Startup Central ApS then assesses whether there is a basis for complying with the request for deletion or correction of personal data. If there is a reason to conduct the deletion or correction, this will be done as soon as possible.

- You can at any time object to Startup Central ApS 'processing of your personal data, or to Startup Central ApS disclosing your data. If you wish to object, you can contact Startup Central ApS on the specified contact information, stating which usage you are objecting to and why. If justified, Startup Central ApS will stop processing your personal data, and will either delete or return this to you.

- You have the right to receive the personal data you have made available to Startup Central ApS or the data that Startup Central ApS, with your consent, has obtained from others. If you are part of an agreement with Startup Central ApS, you can also get your personal data returned, however, Startup Central ApS has the right to process the personal data necessary to be able to fulfill the agreement with you.

- You have the right to have your personal data transferred to another service provider, should you wish, and this is compatible with the agreement.

- In cases where Startup Central ApS is to return or pass on personal data, delivery will be in a normally used format.

- Startup Central ApS strives to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible and no later than one month from receipt of the objection, however, there may be periods of busyness that can lead to longer processing time, in these cases we will inform you.


* Opening hours: Monday till Friday, between 09.00 and 16.00 CET/GMT+1(UTC) The office is on holidays (Danish) closed and three weeks during the school summer vacations. We will make closed days public on and selected social medias.



Data processor:

Startup Central ApS

Søndergade 43, 1 floor

8700 Horsens 39319942


Using Startup Central's platform, affiliate programs and partner modules, the Data Controller will be responsible for the processing of Personal Data in the aforementioned areas. The data processor will process personal data on behalf of the data controller. In order to ensure that the parties comply with their obligations under national data protection rules as well as EU Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), the parties have entered into this data processor agreement, which constitutes the instruction from the data controller to the data processor and thus regulates the data processor's processing of personal data on behalf of the data controllers. Both parties confirm that they have the authority to enter into an agreement and sign the agreement. The Data processor only processes data in accordance with Startup Centrals Privacy statement.

Personal data, Special Categories of Data (sensitive information), processing, the data subject, Data processor, Data controller is defined as in the applicable national personal data legislation.

Regulation of the processing of personal data on behalf of the data controller through the data processor, as required by the EU regulation of 25. maj 2018.

Startup Central ApS use the guide from Datatilsynet Data ansvarlige og Data behandlere.

Templates for a Data Processor Agreement can be found on the following links: Dansk: Ny skabelon skal hjælpe virksomheder og myndigheder med at blive klar til databeskyttelsesforordningen (

English: Skabelon til databehandleraftale nu også på engelsk (


Last updated 09/02-2022