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What is a pitch deck

A pitch deck is a short presentation that gives your customer, new employee or investor a quick overview. A pitch can among other things be used to present a product, share business plan, introduce new employees.

Pitch deck is primarily used in two situations:

  • Effective dissemination. You pitch to convince the target audience to engage with your concept or idea. The reason for the commitment may be because you lack new knowledge, funding or competencies to move on to the next phase.
  • Concept development. You pitch your concept or idea to the target audience. The target group's feedback reveals the weaknesses and strengths of your concept, which you can integrate into your further concept development. The process is repeated to achieve the best effect.

What does a pitch deck contain?

Below you will find some guidelines for how a pitch deck can be built.

  • Start with an agenda for the presentation.
  • Give a short, precise and clear summary of the concept.
  • It shows your unique approach.
  • Describe the need. It shows the seriousness of the concept.
  • Describe the target group and their needs. It shows the relevance of the concept.
  • Unfold the concept's activities. It shows the logic of the concept.
  • Describe the benefits to the customers. It shows the value in the concept.
  • Present possible developments. It shows long-term strategy and possibilities in the concept.
  • Finish with a summary of the presentation and the most important concept strengths

Keep your pitch deck to a maximum of 20 slides.

It is an effective tool for both yourself and those you pitch to. With a pitch deck, you ensure you get everything that is important in relation to your concept and you have key words, so you do not lose the thread during your pitch presentation. The recipient gets a quick and accurate presentation, which they can decide on immediately.

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