Customer management in Danish, for all levels of your business journey

webCRM gives you a quick overview of all your customer information. From lead, to winning deals, to loyal customer, you can nurture your relationship with webCRM. When you gather all your data in one place, you get the complete overview of your relationships and sales activities. With webCRM’s sales and customer management features, you can target your efforts to grow your business and you can easily generate reposts for investors and stakeholders who need insight into your activities.

What is a CRM system?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, in Danish kunderelationsstyring. By gathering all your customer data in one system, you get the best conditions for nurturing and strengthening relationships with your leads, customers and partners. The CRM system helps you follow up on your activities with leads and customers so you can provide the best possible service. In competitive markets, relationships and good service are important for winning and retaining customers.

What do a CRM system do?

A CRM is an investment that allows you to stay focused on your core task, namely to sell your unique solution. In you CRM system, you can store, structure, analyze, present and share important customer data. By gathering and structuring your customer data, you can easily manage your pipeline and report on progress to investors and advisors.

Once your contacts are created in your webCRM system, you can schedule customer activities and send meeting invitations in Google Meet or Microsoft Teams, you can postpone calls and make templates for your most frequently used documents, e.g. offers, order, confirmations and webinar invitations.

In addition, you can also handle a number of marketing activities such as webinars and newsletters and with all customer information in the same place, you can quickly get an overview of which of your contacts have signed up for your various initiatives.

You have data available to analyze the impact of your work and can easily make reports in the progress of your business. We have free support which is open by phone and per. Mail every weekday and you can find video guides on most features on YouTube whenever you like.

Why do we recommend startups to use a CRM system?

Good habits are important from the start. A data-driven approach to sales and business will work wonders for your growth because you are using energy in the right place. Proper use can move you from productive to efficient and make your business more valuable. We are with you all the way, from 2 customers to 100.000 customers, from sales to sales department. WebCRM can grow with your company and our knowledgeable consultants are happy to help you optimize your solution to suit your needs.

User-friendly CRM in Danish

webCRM is from the Belgian Efficy Group, which works with the goal of offering local CRM solutions for the entire growth journey, but the product webCRM was developed in Denmark in the early 00s. The original product was a cloud-based workflow system but when the company started lacking a CRM system, there were no solutions that met their needs and they ended up developing webCRM themselves.

The philosophy behind webCRM is that the system should fit the business, not the other way around. Therefore, you can easily configure the system according to the company’s terminology, turn off functions you do not use so that they do not interfere with daily use and integrate with your favorite SaaS solutions through our native integrations or by our API. In addition, the webCRM system is available in the local languages of the countries in which we operate, as well as providing support in all system languages.

No matter where you are in your growth journey, webCRM is right for you. The many possibilities in the system mean that the system grows with you and your company. Our consultants help you get the best solution so you can develop your business and focus on growth.

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