What is Texta?

TEXTA is a content marketing agency that specializes in the written word. Our roots ar from Jutland, specifically Aarhus. That's where we work to help both large and small companies with all kinds of content.

TEXTA differs from other agencies in several respects. Among other things, we are first movers when it comes to sustainable initiatives in the agency industry.

The initiatives include:

  • Sustainable pilot programs for sustainable entrepreneurship projects
  • Climate compensation of travel traffic
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Strict sustainable requirements for suppliers
  • Versatile composition of the board
  • Internal retraining programs
  • Participation in sustainable networks and communities.

With a Jutlandic set of values consisting of honesty, transparency and professionalism, TEXTA is an agency that can help you.

We are passionate about creating content e.g., in the form of texts that can help your business reach relevant recipients, with the right message.

What does Texta offer?


A plethora of content competencies.

TEXTA holds different competencies within content marketing. You can get help with:

  • Product descriptions,
  • Category texts,
  • SEO texts,
  • Knowledge articles,
  • Blog posts.

TEXTA makes sure to take the essence of your business, your products or services and get it down on paper so that it hits the target audience at eye level.

When you choose to expand your universe with eye-catching texts, you can, among other things:

  • increase visibility on search engines (e.g., Google),
  • communicate clear and distinct messages to the reader,
  • increase the brand value,
  • grew the conversion.

A tailor-made strategy

At TEXTA, there are no predefined packages to choose from. A unique solution is always put together suiting your needs, goals and budget. Therefore, you can obtain a solution that suits your situation.

TEXTA is ready to help you with concrete and tangible text tasks. Are you still relatively new to the entrepreneurial adventure? If so, you can also get help laying out a clear strategy for how content can grow your start-up.

Special offer for members of Startup Central

As a member of Startup Central, you have the opportunity to obtain a discount on copywriting by TEXTA. Our usual hourly rate is DKK 850 ex. VAT, but as a member you get a 30% discount on the first 10 hours.

Do you want to start a collaboration with TEXTA? Simply contact us here and mention the promo code you, as a member, will find at the top.

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