What is SEOsense?

In the early days, Larry and Sergey decided to create a search engine that would rank websites better in relation to each other. They did this to make the search results more relevant to the users than before.

They programmed a system so that the pages that are most relevant to the users are displayed first.

Since then, it has been every digital marketer's dream and/or nightmare to have his/her page optimized so that it appeared at the top of search results.

As lazy as we are, we only click on the first few search results when we search for something on Google.

Therefore, SEO must make sense so that users will find what they are looking for, click onto the page and stay there as long as possible.

In 2003, a marketing student started his first webshop. He spent many hours every day making the page visible on Google, which was in its infancy. He found opportunities to link from all sorts of pages from around the world and named the images after what was in the image, rather than the very anonymous title: IMG2508.jpg.

In fact, he did everything a SEO employee does today. And it had a positive effect, because he used certain keywords positioning him on page 1, for a number of years. It is tedious and manual work which takes a lot of time. But it works!

Later in 2014, the now educated Professions bachelor's in international Trade and Marketing decided to throw himself into the industry he was educated in and got a job as a digital marketing employee. This is where he learned the theory of his results. Lots of information about SEO and linkbuilding was put in place to understand the big picture.

In 2017, he started his own company, SEOsense, and at the same time worked full time to rank a construction consulting site with SEO, link building and chat. The experience was successful with measurable results showing exactly where the customers came from.

Now, as a partner at Startup Central, you can also benefit from Ruben's brain and knowledge in SEO and linkbuilding, as well as Google Ads.

What does SEOsense offer?

You probably want to know how to get a better ranking on Google.

It's a secret, but you can access the knowledge behind it if you're willing to invest long-term.

SEO - There will be no customers knocking on the door from day 1. They will probably come, but your page must be optimized for Google to like it.

Linkbuilding - This is a really good supplement to SEO, which makes Google aware of your page, precisely by having other pages link to yours.

Google Ads - If you're the impatient type who wants customers now and then, invest some money here. It is always a good idea to build links to your site and optimize your site at the same time so that you get a synergy effect.

Therefore, SEOsense offers a solution where you can get SEO and Google Ads at a fixed hourly rate. And as a member of Startup Central, you get 20% on the entire bill of your first purchase. Your purchase can even be spread over an entire year, so you do not have to break the bank, but spread the cost of your investment over the year.

Click on the link to obtain your offer. Since there are a limited number of hours in the day, it is best to make use of the opportunity when it’s there..

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