Flexible business loan

With a business loan from Qred, it is possible to get the extra liquidity that may be needed in the company. The business loans from Qred are targeted at small and medium-sized companies for short-term investments. With loans in the size of DKK 10,000 and up to DKK 2,000,000, there are options for all size companies, the maximum term is 18 months. Qred always recommends that its customers pay off the loan quickly, as there are no redemption costs, and that you only pay for the months you use the loan.

Qreds business loans are typically used to invest in something that will create an immediate additional turnover, including typically materials, an extra marketing boost, or a smaller loan for the establishment of the company.

Short-term and flexible financing can be a smart solution if you think about what it used for.

Qred as a financing partner

Qred was founded back in 2015 by entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Our whole mentality is that it must be simple and easy to understand to take out a business loan, in this way we believe that everyone has the best opportunities to create their success. By making financing quick and simple, it creates time and opportunities for entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best, namely running their business.

Qred and Startup Central have entered into a collaboration to create even better conditions for all the country's small and medium-sized companies to know all its possibilities.

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