Good customer service is unbelievably important

Zendesk is one of the world's leading systems for digital customer service. It is built so that it is easy to use and covers virtually all digital channels a company moves on such as email, chat, Facebook, telephone, Twitter, Google My Business etc.

One of the most important things for a business is the quality of your customer service. Your product/service is of course important, but if your customers can get the same service elsewhere with better customer service, customers are not only likely to relocate, but they are also willing to pay more elsewhere.

With Zendesk and Proventic by your side, you can provide a kick-ass customer service to your customers!

Set-up assistance for Zendesk.

When you buy your licenses for Zendesk through Proventic, you get a partner for your customer service with many years of experience in Omnichannel customer service.

Members receive 3 hours of setup help free of charge, valued at DKK 2,550, - excl. VAT.

We know how important good customer service is to a company and can help you implement one of the world's leading systems for managing your customer service.

Together we will figure out how we can put together the most optimal Zendesk package for you and your company. Here we focus on channels and processes of highest priority for you and your company.

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