What is LegalUp ?

Law on subscription.

LegalUp ApS is a business law company specializing in company formation, contract and agreement preparations, GDPR and legal advice targeted at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies. We are passionate about bringing the law down from the pedestal, thus making it easily accessible and within the reach of any business, big or small. In addition, we offer services that meet the individual company's legal issues.

Our core values are based on, among other things, legitimacy and loyalty, and in addition we place high value on the personal relationship, in order to be able to provide value-creating solutions created based on commitment, high professionalism and business understanding.

We have physical offices in Aalborg, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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What does LegalUp offer?

Obtain a 20% discount on law subscription of your choice.

You can choose between the following subscriptions:

  • Startup
  • Grownup

See more on LegalUp's subscriptions in relation to price and content at https://www.legalup.dk/abonnement/

In addition to the subscription solution, you can also receive a 15% discount on all individual tasks.

The way we create value for our customers is working with a fixed price concept, which means that our customers do not have unpleasant experiences with the invoice. We do not work based on a (unmanageable) hourly rate, meaning our services have a fixed price regardless of our time consumption. It also means that our prices are up to 60% lower than at traditional law firms.

If the customer sees a need for ongoing sparring and legal advice, you can create a subscription with LegalUp. We offer two subscription solutions where the customer can choose the one that suits the stage and needs of the company. There is a solution both for a newly launched, small company without employees and for a company with 50, 100 or 200 employees without an internal legal department.

Moreover, we create value for the customer by maintaining a close relationship throughout the process. We place a high value on the close relationship in order to take an active part in the customer's and the company's growth and journey. By actively participating in the relationship, we deliver the best possible, tailor-made solutions based on the customer's values, needs and wishes. This makes us a close collaborator and in-house lawyer when the need arises.

Target audience

LegalUp's target audience is entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies. With our subscriptions, we will make it possible for companies of any size to obtain competent legal advice and task solutions as a continuous constant from the start or from now on. As a company, you are forced to make legal considerations in relation to several subjects, and although it is typically large companies that employ in-house lawyers, we believe that all types of companies should have the opportunity to benefit from a corporate lawyer, which we made possible through our subscription solutions.

Overall, not only does this mean that the client can always call a lawyer about small and large legal issues without overpaying, but also that the company has a competent sparring partner throughout the process, which is of high value for us.

To access our offer, follow these steps:

  • You will find the discount code when you are logged in, and on this page, which gives a 20% discount on a subscription of your choice.
  • Go to legalup.dk
  • When you are on LegalUp's landing page, access 'LegalUp subscription'.
  • Choose your desired subscription from the two solutions.
  • Upon payment, your discount code is redeemed.
  • The 20% discount is hereby granted, which will also be deducted from your future, monthly payments.

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