Collect leads directly on your website and increase sales with gamification

Leadspin makes gamification easily accessible to anyone.

We help large and small companies increase sales and collect hot leads directly in your own universe, which is a natural part of the customer journey your visitors are on.

We do not believe that it will take large budgets, nudging expertise, photoshop skills or long PowerPoints to be successful with gamification. That’s not what you are getting with us.

We build our insights on behavioral psychology directly into the platform, so all you have to do is sign up and get started. Just be ready to pick up leads and increase sales in 30 minutes. Yep, minutes - not weeks and not with the help from expensive consultants.

We have helped over 100 companies to boost sales and obtain a great deal of enthusiastic customers, you can check out some of their raving experiences on

We are happy - because we launched Leadspin with one purpose - to build the market's best platform within gamification, with a mission to help companies grow.

Scandinavia’s best do-it-yourself platform

That’s our goal. To be able to deliver such a strong and effective platform that customers themselves can easily create campaigns and have huge success with gamification.

We are two founders, both with 12+ years of experience in ecommerce and both with experience at and outside of agencies.

And honestly, we're so fed up with pushy salesmen in the industry.

The deal you are offered is not always the same as when you actually get it.  Furthermore, we are tired of the prices being so blurry. That is why we also offer a pay-as-you-go model, where you first and foremost pay backwards - and thus only for the visitors who have actively used the service. DKK 3 per lead - no license, no subscription, non-binding, nothing small.

If you are experiencing larger volumes, we often see our customers switch to fixed prices, where you as a Startup Central member get a 20% discount up-front.

We care a lot about our customers' success with the platform. Therefore, you can spar with us with no-strings-attached - and since we have gradually tried most things in digital marketing, oyu are welcome to chat with us about any question you might have on the subject.

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