What is Facebookskolen?

The Facebookskolen is the all-encompassing and most up-to-date online course on Facebook advertising.

The Facebookskolens most important mission is to provide you with all the tools you need to obtain customers through Facebook advertising.

You should know that you definitely have a good product/service already. Facebookskolens online course teaches you how to reach the right people, without having to pay expensive consultants or agencies.

What does Facebookskolen offer?

Facebookskolen teaches you everything-Facebook-Advertising, so you can become a certified expert.

Many entrepreneurs and many companies face this particular problem:

They have spent all their resources creating a great product/service. They are experts in what they do, but they get stuck. They have no control over their marketing and do not get their messages out in front of the right people. It's really annoying.

This is where the Facebookskolen comes in. My online course is here to help all the entrepreneurs facing this problem. I have helped some of Denmark's largest companies with their advertising on social media for the last 3 years. I would really like to share with you all the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years.

The course is constantly updated, and you have lifetime access. The course content includes:

  • 45+ practical (screenshots) and theoretical videos (constantly updated and added)
  • 50-page cheat sheet (a written document that contains everything you need to know about Facebook advertising)
  • Industry guides (guide on how to market yourself when you are a webshop, consultant, real estate agent, etc.)
  • Certification (get proof of your skills)
  • Access to closed FB group (here only you ask the other students and me for help)
  • Live case: See how I myself market my online course and get inspiration for your own marketing.

Would you like to learn more about Facebook Advertising, so you can obtain more customers and help your business grow? Then invest in Facebookskolens online course and save 15% as an exclusive member of Startup Central.

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