What is Dansk Produktions Univers?

Dansk Produktions Univers (or DKPU in everyday language) is an association owned by smaller production companies. The purpose is to ensure the members' best competitiveness and profit. You get access to experienced consultants on production planning, inventory management and much more.

DKPU focuses on your production and profit. DKPU is a non-profit competence house owned by the members - Danish, smaller production companies. The specialties are production, automation, digitization and marketing.

What does Dansk Produktions Univers offer?

DKPU finds the best opportunities for your startup and helps you seek support for your projects where possible.

Like Startup Central, DKPU is focused on long-term, subscription-based relationships.

If your company becomes a member of DKPU, you can expect help with:

  • The best possible production
  • Optimizing marketing and sales
  • Crucial contacts and partners
  • Applications for and receiving grants relevant to your business
  • Specific recommendations for the development of your business from startup to established

There are many things to keep in mind when starting production. If you do not have the experience or loyal advisers to lean on, you can easily end up paying a lot of “expensive tuition”.

We can get you in touch with the partners, suppliers and those who have been in your situation before you.

Expert advice on marketing and sales

Of course, optimized production is not worth much if you do not sell anything. Therefore, as a member, you can also draw on our experienced marketing consultants when you need to begin marketing your products.

We offer both guidance for you, who will be responsible for all the tasks yourself, and some packages with effective marketing at startup-friendly prices.

How to make use of the offer

Log in, fill out the form and make use of your partner.

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