What is Briefcase?

Easy business management means peace of mind.

Briefcase is a Danish legal tech venture, making it easy for your company to administrate your daily work. Briefcase brings together your key commitments in one platform and lets you centralize company documents, minutes, files and company information. The system is built on intelligent workflows paired with CVR information from Virk as well as several data sources that provide a great overview.

  • Via Startup Central, you get access to a completely unique offer which gives Briefcase a subscription for free for 12 months and in the following 12 months a discount of 83%.

Briefcase is created to highlight the many obligations you have as a business owner, which tend to bring anxiety when thought of - deadlines, obligations, deadlines and reporting, all taking away the focus from progress. We want to change that with Briefcase and make corporate governance easy and clear.

What does Briefcase offer?

Briefcase can handle a lot of administrative burdens. For example, the storage obligation which was introduced on 1.1.21 and which in the worst case can trigger compulsory dissolution if you are not in control of it. With Briefcase, all necessary documents are collected via a guide so that the storage obligation is fulfilled, and, with a click, you can export all files in connection with a sample from the Erhervsstyrelsen (Danish Business Authority).

Some of the tasks you can manage on Briefcase:

  • Host meetings meeting formalities that can be signed directly on the platform.
  • Centralize your company documents and files
  • Fulfill the Retention Obligation (New requirement from 1.1.21) to which all companies have an obligation
  • Manage staff with integration from Salary
  • Create committees where you can work with internal and external members
  • Holding an informal general assembly.

Behind Briefcase is a team of serial entrepreneurs who have built several startups. Briefcase has received funding from private investors, the growth fund and the innovation fund and has been developed in collaboration with several business experts.

There is direct integration with data sources and APIs such as Salary - all of which help to gather the threads for a company overview, without you having to compromise your work routines.

The idea was born of a need to form an overview of reporting and commitments - what should be delivered, where, in what format and when?

Briefcase has developed several algorithms to automate control checks which help you comply with current legislation and have peace of mind regarding your obligations. We gather the threads and provide an overview. It is easy to get to, user friendly and saves you a lot of time and administrative hassle.

Redeem the offer:

Send an email to (see promo code field) with the following info:

  • Company name
  • CVR
  • Phone number

You will then receive an activation code by e-mail.

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