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At billigEmballage we are Entrepreneurs ourselves. Therefore, we know how important it is, as a rookie, to get help where necessary.

With a 10% Discount at billigEmballage, you get a solid start as a company sending products to your customers or if in need of supplies for the new office. We have everything from cardboard boxes to packing tape, bubble wrap and shipping bags for clothes.

At billigEmballage we sell products like the other retailers - just cheaper!

At billigEmballage, we value good customer service. It is important for us that all customers feel taken care of. As a result, we have a relatively good score on Trustpilot. You can therefore shop safely with us, both as a business and private customer.

Discover for yourself why more than 10,000 customers buy packaging from us every year. We have packaging for both large and small shipments. That way you can send all types of goods to your customers and be completely sure that they will arrive safely. Our packaging is competitively priced, furthermore we make sure to have all packaging types in stock, because you never know when a need for a specific type will arise.

Our products are selected so price and quality are as closely linked as possible. There is also a connection between price and quality on packaging. We always test new types of packaging, such as cardboard boxes or bubble envelopes, before they arrive at the shop.

Our shop is so extensive that, should you not find what you are looking for, you can usually find the packaging you are looking for with a few clicks via our search field. If you do not find the packaging you need, we are ready to add the missing type to our stock so that we have it in shop in the future.

Write or call us, and we’ll look into it! Feel free to email us at info@billigEmballage.dk.

We work a lot with the purchasing of the products as cheaply as possible, so we can sell packaging cheaper to you as a customer.

Our prices are one of the most competitive on the market. We repurchase some of the products from foreign manufacturers in big batches. For example, we have a partnership with a manufacturer of bubble envelopes that manufactures our own bubble envelopes under the name Packair. Because of this, we are among Denmark's cheapest suppliers of bubble envelopes, which is a great advantage for the customers who buy their packaging from us.

When we shop for a given type of packaging, we always find a supplier who can deliver as cheaply as possible, meaning we continuously change suppliers, to find the best deal on different types of supplies e.g., cardboard boxes. Therefore, as a customer with us, you might experience that a specific cardboard box comes with different types of prints, etc., yet always in the same size.

When a cardboard box fluctuates in price, it is often because of paper price fluctuations, or a manufacturer wants to get rid of a large batch. We always try to keep our prices as low and stable as possible, so, you as a packaging customer do not experience changes in the prices of the types of packaging you use.

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