Organize your projects and tasks

You and your team can communicate about projects, tasks or files directly in BasicOps. There is no need to use emails or messages to initiate, manage and finish projects.

Everything is included:

  • Unlimited number of projects,
  • Unlimited tasks,
  • Unlimited notes,
  • Unlimited graphs,
  • Internal and external users,
  • List, blackboard, calendar, timeline views,
  • Priority Support,
  • Integrations with Google, Slack, Microsoft, Jira, GitHub and many more.

As a member of Startup Central, you get first 6 months free access to BasicOps and then a 50% discount on BasicOps professional.

Project management tool for teams

BasicOps is a flexible project management tool for teams who want to be organized and get their projects done in record time. BasicOps can be used by teams and companies of all sizes. The unique feature allows people across departments to share projects and tasks and chat with each other. It all takes place directly on the platform. There is no need to use other programs, moreover it all happens in real time.

BasicOps works with several third-party tools:

  • Gmail, Google Drive, Zoom, Slack, Box, DropBox, OneDrive.

BasicOps was developed by Danes in San Francisco

The BasicOps concept was conceived in San Francisco when Jesper Shultz and Hans Larsen spearheaded their previous venture Jobvite, a leading recruitment platform called "Facebook for talent acquisition." Jobvite grew rapidly. An early version of BasicOps was inspired by their need to manage the increasingly complex projects and tasks associated with scaling a business.

While at the helm of Jobvite, Jesper and Hans struggled to find a solution to help their teams work together, create detailed, workable project plans and track progress toward major milestones. They created it for themselves and knew that BasicOps was an important solution for other businesses needing a single space to replace endless emails, apps, and spreadsheets.

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