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Advisoa is a digital consulting house for payment solutions. Founded by former consultants, Advisoa's mission is to create an easier and more transparent market for the benefit of you as a business owner - with a digital approach, making it easy and intuitive to find your new solution.

In just 48 hours, you’ll receive an advisory call from your personal consultant, negotiate one or more offers and be ready with a perfect match for your payment solution, where you are guaranteed the best prices and terms.

But how does Advisoa manage to do it SO fast and even FREE for a business owner like yourself?

At Advisoa, we do not believe that only the very large companies have the opportunity to go out to tender. Therefore, Advisoa has entered cooperation agreements with several providers within the industry. These agreements allow your payment solution tenders to be put up amongst all partners free of charge and with no strings attached. Furthermore, that’s where the partners will attempt to win you as a customer.

At the end of the tender round, an experienced consultant will advise you on your options and review the negotiated offers with you, to ensure that you get a full overview of the offers received and your options to make the best choice.

Typically, we save our customers between 25-45%, compared to their current solution.

If you end up accepting an offer, it will continue to be completely free of charge. Advisoa has built its business model around helping business owners and therefore we have imposed a service fee on the provider whose offer you have accepted. This way, as a business owner, you will use Advisoa's services for free and without obligations.

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