What is Upodi?

A subscription management platform.

Upodi is a "Subscription management platform". We make it easier to start and run a business built on a commercial model of subscriptions and recurring payments.

Building a subscription-based business is super attractive, moreover both B2B and B2C consumption patterns are moving in the direction of subscription models - which is why starting such a business is also very popular.

Unfortunately, many underestimate the complexity of creating a subscription business, and end up with a lot of manual processes and thus a great administrative burden, which does not create value.

That's why Upodi exists - we are the engine that drives your processor, so you can spend time on the product, sales and marketing.

We have extensive experience with scaling start-ups, from a handful of subscribers to a 6-digit number of subscribers, what’s more we have done that several times - and we can, because Upodi is a platform you scale with - it is the foundation of your business, no matter how big your dream is, and it should be big.

All entrepreneurs whose business is based on a commercial model that includes recurring payments have an interest in Upodi.

Whether you have 1 or 100,000 customers, we are ready to help you. You may be in the early stages of your journey or have already built a strong business that you are looking to streamline.

What does Upodi offer?

Overview of your subscriptions.

You need to use Upodi as early in your business as possible because then you get things done properly and you have a platform that can be scaled.

There are many solutions out there that are easy and cheap to get started with. Often you end up crashing on technological limitations.

Use Upodi and avoid that. We will give you the basis to scale on - and if you have already crashed, we will guide you through it.

But why is it so complex to run a subscription business? Is it not just to send/offer a product, and then invoice a fixed amount at a fixed interval? What do you need to know?

Let's take a few things (we still have not mentioned it all) you MUST keep track of:

  • Basic data, i.e., customer name, address and e-mail
  • Legal ties, which services belong to which customers. start, termination, terms etc.
  • Prices, products and business model, what costs which services and how/when are they delivered. Who should have a collector's discount? They upgraded in the middle of an invoicing period, how is the price calculated then?
  • Invoicing, when, how much, how, where (which currency, which country, which VAT).
  • Payments and payment method, manual invoices, credit cards, GIRO/FI mandates, bank-to-bank or something completely different.
  • Communication and notifications to customers on e.g., error in payment, non-payment, welcome, Win-back.
  • Success and failure. Growth or stagnation? Statistics give you insights to take into consideration.
  • Compliance. The Payment Act (AISP, PISP, PCI), the Accounting Act, the Contracts Act and not least the Personal Data Act (GDPR).
  • Systems and integration - many systems. Integration with other systems, such as finance, website, payment redeemer, etc.

Unless you have a business where the above 9 points are not vital to your success - then it may well be that you can do without a "Subscription management system".

But if you have - then fortunately you do not have to worry about the above, once you have chosen Upodi to support your business, then we can do it all for you.

How to take advantage of the offer:

Click "Partner Up" and fill out the form.

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