What is Tryg?

The largest non-life insurance company in Denmark.

Tryg is the largest non-life insurance company in Denmark and the second largest in the Nordic region. We offer insurance to private customers and companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Every fourth Dane is insured through Tryg, and our customers are among the most satisfied.

What does Tryg offer?

Insurance is a necessity.

Our insurance covers i.e., work injury, car, property, chattels, transportation, house, accident and health.

We translate our expert knowledge and experience into simple, manageable insurance. We are with you when you need us - on the phone, at the scene of a major accident and around the clock via a wide range of digital self-service options.

All policyholders in Tryg are also members of TryghedsGruppen. TryghedsGruppen is the main owner of Tryg and is behind TrygFonden.

It offers several benefits:

  • Everyone has the opportunity to get a bonus. For the past four years, TryghedsGruppen has paid out a bonus of 8% to its members.
  • TrygFonden works within safety, health and well-being, which helps members create security across Denmark.

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