What is Saxis?

An online marketplace for buying and selling businesses.

Saxis is an online marketplace for buying and selling businesses. In fact, it is Denmark's largest marketplace for buying and selling companies online! Our mission is to create an online platform that makes the sales process more manageable for the seller and the buyer.

We build software and functionality that helps buyers and sellers go through a smoother process when shopping for companies. Our focus is on shortening, streamlining and automating as many parts of the sales process as possible.

What does Saxis offer?

Effective buying and selling overview of companies.

With experience from a wide range of industries, i.e., everything from restaurant to production, we can guide you through the process. We make it easier to search and find companies for sale, to contact and access documents from salespeople, to get valuation and sales material made and much more.

In addition, we make sure to get our customers in touch with professionals who can help you with e.g., finding the right business broker, obtaining legal documents, valuation, financial advice or anything else.

As a seller at Saxis you get:

  • Free document templates: privacy statement, purchase agreement, sales presentation and letter of intent.
  • A complete 36-page guide to selling your business.
  • Live Chat support every weekday.
  • Smart messaging system where you can send and receive files anonymously.
  • Access to Denmark's largest buyer directory.

You pay for all of this only if you sell your business. Saxis works on a no-cure-no-pay basis and charges a fee of 6% when you sell your business, however, it is a minimum of DKK 2,000 excluding VAT from the sales price in the brokerage fee.

So far, we have helped more than 1,900 customers sell their business, and we’ll be very happy to help you!

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