What is Salary?

Salary makes it easier to run a business. We automate and simplify administration, so your hands are free to streamline and develop the business.

We have created a payroll system that everyone can understand. Do you wish to have all your documents in order ready for the bank? Salary helps the business owner, accountant, and employees to do just that. We are qualified to do that, because we have ten years of experience with accounting software, and work with a large number of skilled accountants who help to ensure strong professionalism and user-friendliness.

And this can only be done because we have made an effort to create as simple a starting point as possible, without compromising functionality and quality.

What does Salary offer?

Salary has made it easy to pay salaries.

Salary has brought together the most important features for business owners, making the payroll process a breeze.

Salary manages:

  • Fixed salary
  • Automatic payroll
  • Paid by the hour
  • Automatic payments
  • Holidays and outlays
  • Automatic posting
  • Prepaid salary
  • Automatic 0-reporting
  • Travel allowance
  • SH/Free choice
  • Full integration with your accounting system (including Billy, Dinero, E-conomic, Business Central, Uniconta, Xero, Xena, Dynaccount).

How to activate Salary

  • Create user account at Salary
  • Then write to Salary support and give them the promo code.

They will make sure that the offer gets activated.

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