What is GenieWords?

Marketing agency for small businesses.

The goal of GenieWords is to help smaller businesses market their business online with results equating to that of large companies.

We believe that you, as the owner of a small business, should not compromise on either time, budget or expectations. You need to spend time on what you are best at - namely developing the business and serving your customers.

What does GenieWords offer?

More savings, more money for ads.

Online marketing is your way to new customers, sales and leads. With GenieWords, you do not have to worry about your online marketing. Our value will be reflected in your results.

Tell us what we need to sell for you, and we will provide setup, optimization and monthly reporting. You also get instant access to professional sparring with certified experts. You can see your sales and inquiries directly on your own GenieWords profile.

Standard prices when creating Google Ads management:

  • Subscription: DKK 449/month
  • Sign-up: DKK 1999
  • Advertising budget: from DKK 600/month - you decide the size of your advertising budget
  • Binding period: 6 months

Prices as a member of Startup Central:

  • Subscription: DKK 449/month
  • Sign-up: DKK 0, you save DKK 1999
  • Binding period: 6 months

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