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Dekra Business education and courses in trade, office and management

Become the leader who creates the best results!

Are you ready for success with your business? If you know that leadership is one of the most effective paths to success along with hard work, then you can certainly also nod in recognition to these three statements

  • You know that you create results with and through others
  • You want growth in your company
  • You want to create a workplace with great well-being and performance

Based on you and your company, you can learn to master what is expected of the modern manager. It is about ensuring the best dialogue and communication, regardless of whether it is with customers or employees. In a startup, you must learn to stand together as a team and lift as a group to achieve the desired goals. You can get all this and much more on the basic leadership training. We teach you the craft of management while you lead in your company. We make it so easy for you that you just have to turn up and perform while you are on the course. When you're not on the course, you train your newly acquired skills, we don't have thick books to read and evenings to spend. They go to the family and the business.

And it probably doesn't matter that it only costs DKK *2,880 for 15 days... Yes, you'd think it was a lie, but it's not, and even though it's cheap, it has an effect that's worth far more

🗨 "I am better at seeing my employees and communicating with them after I have learned about the different types of people"

🗨 "I have started to use the communication part more sharply, and I thereby have a better and more concrete and constructive dialogue with the employees"

🗨 "The relationships are strengthened - we help each other better and more"

These are just a few of the statements that come from managers who attend our management training.

The modules of the education:

  • Management and personal leadership
  • The manager's conflict management and difficult conversation
  • Change management
  • Communication as a management tool + meeting management
  • Situational leadership
  • Management of green transition and sustainability

If you want to talk more about leadership and The basic leadership training, write to me at or just call 31 63 28 87 now that you are caught up in the opportunity anyway.

We have one thing in mind – to fly leaders to the top.

Do you want to come?

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