What is Contractbook?

The modern contract solution.

Contractbook is a Danish tech company that secures the future of companies with data-driven contract automation. On their digital contract management platform, you can manage the entire life cycle of the contract in one flow. Design contracts with updated templates, sign them with digital signatures and organize them securely in the cloud. In addition, you can collaborate in teams, execute your obligations and analyze the content of the contract to maximize its value. Last but not least, you can integrate the platform with thousands of other apps and automate your workflow with custom automations. Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 and has 100,000 users in more than 90 countries.

What does Contractbook offer?

Better contracts.

Via Startup Central, you get access to an offer where Contractbook lets small and medium-sized companies handle the full life cycle of their contracts in a single streamlined flow. Automate every single step with data-driven document automation to save time, avoid mistakes and take part in a smarter future.

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