What is Board Office?

Create a professional structure in your company from day 1.

With BOARD OFFICE you can upload and store the company's confidential documents safely and securely. With an extraordinary focus on user-friendliness, your company's work processes are supported and at the same time you are always up to date in relation to GDPR and compliance.

BOARD OFFICE is scalable and is used today by both start-up companies and has collaboration agreements with Danske Advokater, Dansk Erhverv as well as collaboration with banks, auditing and large organizations.

What does Board Office offer?

BOARD OFFICE is a cloud-based board portal with the highest level of security on the market.

BOARD OFFICE professionalizes your company throughout the journey from the first thoughts of an advisory board to a professional board. Accelerate your company's future by contacting investors, board members and other “important profiles”.

With BOARD OFFICE, you meet the potential stakeholders' requirements for the use of a secure portal. The portal highlights the professionalism of your company, which can contribute in relation to increasing the attractiveness of board members, investors etc. Here, professional procedures are in focus, sending a compellingly positive signal.

Advantages of BOARD OFFICE

  • Create a professional structure in your company
  • Inspiration - get access to lots of inspiration through templates, question frames, etc.
  • Planning and dialogue with your advisors through the portal
  • Get in touch with over 14,000 professional board members.

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