What is Bizz Up?

The business magazine for entrepreneurs, managers, executives and employees with a passion for their work.

Bizz Up is a business magazine, which is published twice a year and regularly on Bizzup.dk. We bring inspiring articles to you, who are passionate about your work. Each issue shares the knowledge and experience of how entrepreneurs grow their businesses and develop professionally through exciting articles and expert posts. We love new, old and forgotten knowledge.

We cater to Danish men and women between ages of 25-55, who are passionate about their work and their career as entrepreneurs, managers, executives or employees with a passion for their profession.

Distribution of Bizz Up Magazine

  • Distribution partnership with Danish Air Transport
    Find the magazine on all domestic flights with DAT. Your promotion can reach 8,500 readers, spread over 222 weekly flights.

  • Distribution partnership with Midtjyllands Lufthavn
    The magazine is located in the check-in area, departure hall and waiting area at Midtjyllands Airport.

  • Events and conferences
    The magazine is distributed at Bizz Up Events.

  • Business environments
    In addition, the magazine is distributed in development parks, innovation environments, office hotels and business centers throughout Denmark.

  • The 8 largest highway stations
    The magazine will also be distributed at Denmark's eight largest motorway stations.

What does Bizz Up offer?

Bizz Up offers exposure in a strong offline medium - namely a physical magazine. It’s important to be up to date in the world, so of course we also publish the magazine online, and we publish all articles separately on our portal www.bizzup.dk.

We work professionally, and we always offer the best solutions, so you will be satisfied with your finished product. We employ affiliated journalists, photographers and graphic designers so you can feel comfortable through the process.

Through Bizz Up Magazine, you achieve an exposure of up to more than 100,000 readers, just from our one partner Danish Air Transport (DAT). You can read more about distribution in the section above.

Article on www.bizzup.dk / without a journalist

  • Article on bizzup.dk incl. 2 links.
  • The content is delivered to Bizz Up.

Members only offer DKK 300 + VAT (save more than 60%). Normal price without membership DKK 800 ex. VAT.

Article on www.bizzup.dk / with journalist

  • Article on bizzup.dk incl. 2 links.
  • We send a journalist to write an article about you.
  • The article is shared on Bizz Up's newsletter and social media.
  • Facebook advertising for DKK 500 including a tag of your company.

Member’s offer DKK 2,500 + VAT (save 30%). Normal price without membership DKK 3,250 ex. VAT.

Article in Bizz Up magazine

  • 2-page promotion to more than 100,000 Danish business professionals.
  • journalist and photographer as well as graphic design in the Bizz Up layout article also published on www.bizzup.dk incl. link.
  • Marketing of the Bizz Up Magazine + the online magazine.
  • 15 Bizz Up magazines free of charge.

Member’s offer DKK 17,000 + VAT (save 35%). Normal price without membership DKK 25,994 ex. VAT.

How to make use of our offer

Online articles

1 You will find the discount code when you log in.

2 Send an email to louise@bizzup.dk with your desired purchase, as well as the discount code.

3 Please describe which offer you want to use, info about your company and what content you want to promote.

Promotion in Bizz Up Magazine

1 You will find the discount code when you log in.

2 Send an email to lise@bizzup.dk.

3 Explain that you are a member of Startup Central, and then share the discount code.

4 We then agree regarding the journalist and photographer, in more detail.

You are also very welcome to call tel. 22 25 93 02 - have the discount code ready!

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