Performance-based influencer marketing tool

Instead of paying large sums up-front to influencers, you can pay them via commission when they create sales on your webshop. At the same time, you get insight into their individual performance in real time, so you always know how your investment is going. 100 % automated tracking and payment.

Management tool with influencer marketplace

Make Influence solves three basic challenges for small and medium-sized B2C e-com companies looking to increase their traffic, lead-gen and sales through influencers.

  • Big costs associated with collaborating with influencers
    If you write to an influencer on Instagram, you will often find that they ask for an upfront amount before your collaboration can start. So, they must be paid before they have done the work for you and before you know what value the work can create for your webshop. At Make Influence, we turn the bucket upside down. You only pay the influencers a commission, which you determine yourself when they have obtained sales on your webshop.
  • Difficult to measure the value of the influencer collaborations
    Make Influence tracking code measures which influencers have obtained which sales on your webshop and quite automatically, a self-determined commission is paid to the influencers of the price of the order. You will then see the data on your Dashboard and in your reports. See among other things ROI, conversion rate and top influencers in terms of revenue and sales.
  • Time consuming to manage many collaborations at once
    Yes, it has been said before. But time is money. And would you rather spend the time waiting for answers from 30 influencers on Instagram or spend your afternoon messing with excel sheets and keeping track of who you owe what, then it is not Make Influence that is the way forward for you ;-)

    If you have more important things to spend your time on, then let Make Influence do all the tedious administrative work.

How to get started:

  1. Integrate the tracking code on your webshop's order confirmation page
  2. Create a campaign letter on the platform and find influencers
  3. Send products and let the influencers do the rest

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