What is LittleGiants?

LittleGiants are specialists in developing apps for Android and iOS.

Since developing an app can be an extremely complex task, LittleGiants offers to become part of the process from a very early stage. Our expertise, input and experience can be crucial to your success.

When you develop an app in collaboration with LittleGiants, you get affiliated with your own team of specialists. With your own unique team, you have the best set-up to create a successful app.

Everyone involved in your project knows you, your company, your thinking and all your history, right from the first meeting.

The common trust and understanding you build will differentiate you from your competitors, in the long run.

When you develop an app with LittleGiants, you get a partner who is with you all the way.

How to develop an app with LittleGiants

LittleGiants selects and puts together a unique team that will work with you on your app project. You will be assigned permanent specialists who are part of your team from day one.

  • Permanent Project Manager

You will have a permanent project manager who will follow you from the first meeting.

The project manager is your permanent contact person, who is at your disposal throughout the process and after your app is up and running.

The project managers at LittleGiants have a broad knowledge and lots of experience. Therefore, you can get advice and guidance on everything from marketing and user behavior to concept development and finance.

  • Permanent Software Engineer

You will also be assigned a permanent Software Engineer.

The software engineer is trained to handle, plan and execute the entire process around app development.

LittleGiants has chosen to associate Software Engineers with all projects, streamlining the process and ensuring a high technical quality.

  • Permanent Designer

The icing on the cake and the last specialist on your team is your UI/UX Designer.

The designer will visualize your ideas and make them a reality.

The designer handles all the design of your app and focuses on both user-friendliness (UI - User Interface) and user experience (UX - User Experience).

At LittleGiants we work differently from most app developers. At LittleGiants, close relationships and common understanding are in primary focus.

- With the right team and the right skills, and LittleGiants by your side, your app will be a success.

What does LittleGiants offer?

If you dream of developing an app, this is your best chance to get started.

Together with LittleGiants, you can realize your dream and save money on both start-up, implementation/programming, operation and future development.

We have made a stellar agreement with LittleGiants, which ensures all our members a very favorable deal.

* The offer is only valid for a limited period.

Save money on workshop, development, operation and future development

Here’s what the offer contains:

  • Free start-up meeting

A free and no-strings attached meeting where you and LittleGiants review your idea. Below we outline your options and needs.

At the same time, you get free advice and possibly a free operating budget and liquidity budget for the first year. This gives you a complete overview of your investment needs.

  • 30% discount on workshop

- Price: DKK 49,000.00.
- Your price = DKK 34,300.00.
- Read more about the workshop below.


When you need to develop an app, it all starts with a workshop.

At the workshop you ought to:

  • Talk about your idea.
  • Define functionality and requirements including preparing a blueprint of requirements.
  • Define design and graphic style.
  • Define the optimal solutions in relation to UI/UX (user-friendliness and user experience).

Once our workshop is concluded, we will create an interactive prototype that visualizes the app's functionality and graphic design. This gives you a complete overview of what your app can do and what it looks like.

You will be given your prototype and blueprint of requirements, which will form the basis for the future development of your app.

 Why develop a prototype?

The prototype and your blueprint of requirements are crucial for the development of your app. Without these, you will not be able to develop a complete and successful app.

Once your prototype (incl. Blueprint of requirements) has been developed, you are ready to take the next step and have your app programmed/developed.

Do you need an investor?

Once you are in possession of your prototype, you will also be able to go search for an investor.

With the interactive prototype, you can visualize your app to a potential investor.

The prototype will be able to give an exact picture of your app's functionality and design.

With a prototype, you are guaranteed the best conditions for finding an investor.

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