More freedom

The accounting program e-conomic is designed to give you more freedom for your business. We help you automate as many manual processes as possible. Our mission is to give you a competitive advantage over those who do not use Visma e-conomic.

We can help you, no matter what industry you come from. Through our app ecosystem, with approx. 300 partners, we can put together an industry solution that exactly suits your current and future needs.

The accounting program recommended by your accountant/auditor

We are proud to have the best support in the world. You decide whether you want to call, email or chat with our support department, colloquially called WOW (everyone must have a WOW experience with us). In addition, we are responsible for almost everything in the start-up phase. Call support if there are any issues, read relevant support articles or watch one of the many help videos. You also have the opportunity to participate for free in one of our daily support webinars.

If you are still in doubt, just ask your accountant for advice. We work with all external accountants and auditors, and you can give them free access to your e-conomic agreement.

With e-conomics you get:

  • free access for your external accountant/auditor
  • easily adaptable industry solution that is just right for your company (consultant, craftsman, retail, restaurant, lawyer, cleaning, etc.)
  • free Danish support (tel., email, chat, webinars, etc.)
  • Possibility of invoicing your customers on the go with the free e-conomics app.

When we receive your information, one of our employees will contact you to inquire about your needs, so that we can help you create an even better business as soon as possible.

Remember, the 4 months free e-conomic can ONLY be obtained by new e-conomic customers.

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