A customer data platform available to everyone

At a time when user behavior is becoming more and more complex, when the expectations for a great user experience have become a must, more than ever the companies are required to have insights into their customers as well as an agile marketing effort.

One of the ways to solve the challenges that comes with the changes is to have a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in your organization.

A CDP allows you to collect, analyze and understand all data points from any source and provides an easily accessible overview of customers and their behavior. The platform helps companies solve one of their biggest persistent problems: Collecting customer data that is spread all over the place and gathering it in one place, allowing the company to direct the efforts in the most optimal way.

With accurate data insights, algorithms to predict customer behavior and more, marketers can act on data and increase both performance and optimize their company's marketing in real-time to prevail against the competitors.

Provides access to data insights previously reserved for the largest companies

Custimy is a Danish tech company that delivers a full cloud solution in the form of their Customer Data Platform. With their Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can use automated data collection, consolidation and analysis to get your customer data insights into one platform, allowing you to make smarter data-driven decisions based on real-time knowledge.

Custimy has built a platform specifically for small and medium-sized businesses and offers a tool that enables these companies to compete in an e-commerce world that is increasingly dominated by multinational giants and their advanced data capabilities.

Therefore, Custimy has developed the platform to be very user friendly, so that even companies without decidedly data-analytical teams have the opportunity to access and act on the same insights that the largest companies have had alone for the last many years. Data-driven decisions need to be accessible to all, especially the smaller businesses that have not had the opportunity to benefit from the advanced technology that is now made easy and accessible to all.

The CDP can be used to centralize and gather all the company's customer, product and marketing data in one place. This creates a far more accurate image of one's business. Google Analytics is just the tip of the iceberg of the data you need to create the best experience for your customers and win them over.

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